9th Grade Scheduling Night

High School Course Information You Need For
Your Child’s IGP
 South Carolina High School Diploma Requirements
 Core Courses and Recommendations
Social Studies
 Electives Choices
Career & Technology Education
Abbreviations used:
Foreign Language
EOCEP or EOC = End-of-Course Examination Program
Fine Arts
HSAP = High School Assessment Program
CATE = Career & Technology Education
Academic Electives
CP = College Preparatory
H = Honors
AP= Advanced Placement
IB = International Baccalaureate
US History
American Government
‘Other’ Social Studies
Computer Science
CATE or Foreign Lang
# of Credits
4 credits
4 credits
3 credits
1 credit
½ credit
½ credit
1 credit
1 credit
1 credit
1 credit
7 credits
Benchmark EOCEP Course Required
(English 1)
(Algebra 1/Algebra 1-B)
(US History)
EOC Exams are state
mandated and generated
final exams which count
20% of the final average
for the course
24 credits
In addition to 24 prescribed credits, students must also pass the HSAP Exit Exam
 English
 English 1 CP or English 1 H
 English 2 CP or English 2 H
 Math
 Algebra 1-A
 Algebra 1 CP or Algebra 1 H
 Geometry CP or Geometry H
 Algebra 2 CP or Algebra 2H
 Science
 Physical Science CP or Physical Science H
 Social Studies
 World Geography CP or Honors
 The study of economic, political, and cultural societies
within specific regions of the world and how they relate to
the United States
 Human Geography AP
 English 1 CP
 Pass 8th grade English; Freshmen Seminar is attached as an elective
 English 1 Honors
 Pass 8th grade English with a grade of 93A or higher and/or show
superior writing and language skills
 English 2 CP
 English 1 H credit with a grade less than 85B
 English 2 Honors
 English 1 H with a grade of 85B or higher
REMINDER: EOC required for English 1 CP and H
 Taken concurrently with English 1 CP only
 Focus on writing within and across the curriculum
 Develop and reinforce study skills
 Preparation for English 1 EOC
 Counts as an elective credit for graduation
 Algebra 1-A
 Pass 8th grade math with a 76D or lower
 Standard Not Met on PASS may require placement in Math
Essentials course for elective credit
 Algebra 1 CP
 Pass 8th grade math with a grade of 77C to 92B
 Algebra 1 Honors
 Pass 8th grade math with a grade of 93A or higher and/or
demonstrate superior math skills through various
REMINDER: EOC required for Algebra 1 CP and H
 Geometry CP
 Earned credit for Algebra 1 H with final grade of 84C or lower
 Geometry Honors
 Earned credit for Algebra 1 H with final grade of 85B or higher
 Algebra 2 CP
 Earned credit for Geometry CP or H with a final grade of 84C or
 Algebra 2 Honors
 Earned credit for Algebra 1 H and Geometry H with a final grade of
85B or higher
 Physical Science CP
 Passed 8th grade science and will be taking Elementary
Algebra for the Technologies 1 or Algebra 1 CP in 9th grade
 Physical Science Honors
 Demonstrated strong interest and superior skills in 8th grade
science with a final grade of 93A or higher
 Physical Science Honors and Biology Honors (with EOC)
 May be taken simultaneously with teacher recommendation
 Should demonstrate strong interest in science and have a
desire to complete coursework at the AP/IB level
 World Geography CP
 Passed 8th grade social studies
 World Geography Honors
 Recommendation from 8th grade social studies teacher
 Strong desire to take AP/IB classes in high school
 Should demonstrate superior writing skills
 Advanced Placement Human Geography
 Most advanced students
 Should demonstrate superior writing skills, advanced knowledge of
history, sociology, and geography, and have the desire to complete
coursework at the AP/IB level
 Required to take the AP exam at the end of the year
Students may be able to choose up to three elective credits depending on
their teacher recommended core courses. Alternates will be selected
during your IGP in case you are not able to get your top choices.
 Must earn a Career & Technology Education (CATE)
credit OR a foreign language credit; not both
 Students attending a technical college are NOT
required to take a foreign language
 CATE courses are offered at each high school as well as
the Dorchester County Career & Technology Center
 Students planning to attend a 4-year college after high school are
required to have two years of the same foreign language (some colleges
require three)
 Students planning to attend a technical college, even if planning to
transfer to a 4-year college, do NOT have to take a foreign language
 It is strongly recommended a student not attempt a foreign language
until English 1 credit has been earned
 Students who earned a credit in level 1 of a foreign language may accept
the challenges of a level 2 course and are encouraged to continue
without a lapse between levels 1 and 2
 Must complete a unit of PE or JROTC; not both
 May take any year of high school but most take in 9th grade
 PE 1 or JROTC 1 must be taken before a Weight Training
course may be taken
 Weight Training does NOT satisfy the PE graduation
 Each high school has a strong, successful JROTC program
 Not a high school graduation requirement
 South Carolina 4-year colleges require at least one Fine
Arts elective for admission
Performing Arts
Visual Arts
•Drawing and Painting
•Sculpture and Ceramics
•Media Arts
 Applies to ALL high school credit courses taken
ANY year, not just 8th grade
 May retake same exact course and level without
penalty (ex., took English 1 H, must retake English 1 H)
 Middle school grade and credit will be removed
from the transcript and only the high school grade
will remain, whether higher or lower
 Consider this option if not proficient in the high
school credit course by the end of the school year
 Highly recommended students retake high school
credit courses when final average is below 85B
 May retake course(s) taken in middle school during
9th grade ONLY
 Dorchester District Two program housed at Fort
Dorchester High School
 For highly motivated students who have plans to
attend a 4-year university immediately after high
 Offers coursework at the college level
 Suggested course of study on page 31 of the 2012-2013
District Course Guide
 Must provide own transportation if not already zoned
to attend FDHS
 Must appeal to the DD2 Board of Trustees if not
already zoned to attend FDHS
 For more information, contact:
 Danielle Watson, School Counselor at FDHS
[email protected]
 Students are assigned a team
 Teachers have common planning with team teachers
 Provides additional support across the curriculum
 Encourages collaboration with assignments and tests
 Student need determines team placement
Course requests
Teacher recommendations
Middle school grades
Middle school test scores (ex. Explore, PASS, SRI)
Special Services team decisions
Parent overrides
 High school teachers assess students in the first weeks of
school and make recommendations for students who need
to move up or down a level.
 Once the school year begins, level change requests (ex.
Honors to CP) are not permitted
 Creates changes to entire schedule and/or team, not just one
 Scheduling priority
Thank you for attending.
We look forward to seeing the Class of 2017 in August!

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