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The Miwok
A California Native American Tribe
By Kevin Woolgar
The Miwok
The Miwok is a California
Native American tribe.
Miwoks lived in Central
California. It was not too
hot and not too cold. The
Miwoks also lived in the
foothills of Sierra Nevada.
I am going to tell you all
about the homes, the food
they ate, the jobs they did,
the clothes they wore, the
celebrations they held, and
some other cool facts about
the Miwok tribe.
Miwok Homes
How do the Miwok homes
look like and what were they
made of? The Miwok homes
were made of layers of bark when
they are on mountains. Bark
slabs are leaned on each other to
make a cone shape house. Homes
that are made on foot hills are
made of grass bundles around
poles. Some homes were made of
tulle reeds. They have a earth
oven and a fire place in their
homes. Also they used pine
needles to cover the floor. In their
village, their was one large
building where they had dances
and gatherings. There were100500 people in a village.
What did the Miwok eat
and how did they get their
food? The Miwok mostly
ate deer, elk, antelope,
bears, rabbits, beaver,
squirrels, wood rats, fish,
columbine, milk, weed, wild
pea, sheep, and sorrel.
Miwok get their food by
fishing, gathering, hunting,
and planting. They cooked
their food in an oven called
a earth oven. They also ate
roasted grasshoppers and
yellow jackets.
Miwok jobs
The Miwok had different
jobs. The men’s jobs were
hunting and fishing
probably gathering. The
women's jobs were making
clothing, cooked meals,
gathered food, and pounded
the acorns into flower to
make mush soup and
Miwok Clothing
The Miwok has different
types of cloth and clothing.
The cloth that they used
was dear skin, elk skin, and
bear skin. The men wore
deer skin around there hips
and blankets and robes. The
women wore grass tulle
reeds around there waists.
They all wore tattoos.
Miwok Ceremonies and
Where they had there
ceremonies and
celebrations? The Miwok
had to go to a tall building
to have there ceremonies
and celebrations. They had
dances, religious, healing
ceremonies honored
animals, celebrated grizzly
bears spirits and were
jewelry to celebrations.
Interesting Facts
Today 3,500 Miwoks
are alive. They still get
together today to keep their
tribe. This happens in July.
The Miwok
The Miwok is a cool and
interesting Native American
tribe to learn about.

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