The Harding Presidency

Politics of the Roaring Twenties
Contrast Harding’s policy of “normalcy” with
progressive era reforms.
Identify scandals that plagued the Harding
How do you feel after getting back from
Are you glad to get back to a routine?
Assumed the
presidency in 1921
He promised a return to
normalcy—the simpler
days before the
progressive era and the
Great War
Washington Naval
Conference (1921)
 President Harding invites
Great Britain, France, Japan
and Italy to the conference
 Secretary of State Charles
Evans Hughes urged the
naval powers to disarm—no
more war ships would be
built for 10 years
Kellogg Briand Pact
 Rejected war as a
national policy
 15 countries signed the
 President Coolidge for
the US signs the pact;
however, the pact
provided no means of
 Raised taxes on U.S.
imports to 60 %
 Made it impossible for
Britain and France to
repay war debts
Dawes Plan
 American banker, Charles
Dawes negotiated a loan to
Germany to pay back
Britain and France
 Britain and France then
paid the US money it was
 This solution caused
resentment towards the US
Ohio Gang
 The President’s poker
playing buddies that
were corrupt and caused
embarrassment for the
 They were members of
his cabinet
Charles R. Forbes
 Head of the veterans
bureau was caught
illegally selling hospital
supplies to private
He was a good natured man, but his friends were
the problem.
He died of a heart attack August 2, 1923
Teapot Dome Scandal
 Government set aside oil
rich public fields for the
Navy in Wyoming and Elk
Hills, California
 Albert B. Fall, secretary of
the interior leased the fields
to oil companies and
receive over 400,000 dollars
from an oil company
How would these events apply
1. Washington Naval Conference
No war ships built for 10 years;
Could we have another conference to
discuss disarmament; should we be
concerned with who controls nuclear
2. Kellogg-Briand Pact
Rejected war as a national policy; 15
countries signed the pact
Could this Pact be applied today?
How would Calvin Coolidge respond
to terror networks like Al-Queda
Raised taxes on imports to the
highest level
How would raised tariffs affect the
U.S. economy today? Should
President Obama raise tariffs to
protect American manufacturers.
Fordney-McCumber Tariff
4. Dawes Plan
Loans to Germany to repay
5. Quota Act
Limited the amount of people that
could come into the US
Would a quota act today solve our
immigration concerns; is there a
concern with who is allowed in this
6. Teapot Dome Scandal
Government corruption;
Can you think of other examples of
government corruption in our

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