Inger Marie Milde, Head of section Kenneth Fjell, Dean Karen

Information meeting about
independent work / master
August, 27th 2014
Kenneth Fjell, Professor
Ragnhild Balsvik, Associate Professor
Eli Heldaas Seland, Senior Academic
Marianne Eskeland, Office of Academic
and Student Affairs
Today’s agenda
• About master thesis
- Kenneth Fjell
• Practical matters
- Marianne Eskeland
• Advice from the faculty on the writing process
- Ragnhild Balsvik
• What can the library do for you during the writing process?
- Eli Heldaas Seland
• Guests on topics
- Aksel Mjøs, Finans Bergen
- Paal Fennell, CSI
- Inger G. Stensaker, FOCUS
Useful web pages
Student Pages - Thesis:
• The main rule is that you have to write your master thesis with one other student.
- If you have different main profiles, both profiles must be satisfied by the thesis (ask advisor or relevant
profile coordinators if in doubt)
- Students that need or want to work alone, must apply to the Examination Office and receive pre-approval
• How and when to cite sources and references. Avoid doubt about plagiarism!
• Grading is on the scale A-F; set by external sensor and advisor together
The Writing Process
Application for a Thesis Advisor
Choosing a Topic
Useful Aids
Sources and References
Submission and Grades
Thesis cover page for Double degree
Thesis Suggestions for Company
English Writing Workshop
• Instructor: Frank Azevedo
- Professional copy editing of English-language manuscripts of all kinds
- Writing workshops for several Norwegian Universities
• The workshop consists of two parts:
- Session 1: Principles for writing clear, concise, coherent and careful
• Monday 29 September, 17:00-20:00
- Session 2: The students will work with their own texts and get feedback from
the instructor
• The students will be divided into two groups and this session will be held
twice in order have enough time for feedback to all students
• Tuesday 30 September, 17:00-20:00 and Wednesday 1 October, 17:00-20:00
• Sign up: Send an e-mail to [email protected]
- Deadline: Friday 19 September
• The students should bring a writing sample to the
- Four pages or more, double spaced, in Word on a memory stick
- The writing sample should also be sent to [email protected] when you
sign up for the workshop
• February 15th /
September 15th
• March 15th /
October 15 th:
Application for writing the master thesis alone
Application for supervisor
(All should apply)
• September 1st /
February 1st:
Register for Thesis (like signing up for
an exam) at student web as
”xxxTHE” where xxx is your major’s
abbreviation, e.g. STR or BUS
• December 20th/
June 20th:
Deadline for submission of thesis
(you may submit early.
Advice: submit before you start working!)
Electronic publishing
Your thesis can be made available for all through
electronic publishing
If you do not want to publish it you do not sign the
agreement when you submit your thesis
Information Library – homepage:
Submission of thesis
Three copies – to the Information
Centre (hardcover or booklets)
Electronic submission
(by midnight the same day) as
PDF file:
[email protected]

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