2013 – 2014
Applications Due: November 1, 2012
SSHRC Awards
The SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships, CGS
Doctoral Scholarships and the CGS
Master’s programs seek to develop
research skills and assist in the training
of highly qualified personnel by
supporting students in the social
sciences and humanities
Determine if your research falls under
SSHRC’s mandate by reviewing
Selecting a Funding Agency
 research primarily in the social sciences and
 research must add to understanding and
knowledge of individuals, groups and
societies—what we think, how we live, and
how we interact with each other and the
world around us.
SSHRC Doctoral Awards
National competition for limited number of
Guelph can send 17 applications to SSHRC for
the 2013/14 competition year
In 2012/13 competition:
 67 students submitted applications
 16 of these were forwarded to SSHRC (maximum
 Of the 16 submitted, 12 were approved (success rate
SSHRC Doctoral Awards
CGS Doctoral Scholarships: $35,000
per year (for 36 months)
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship: $20,000
per year (for 12, 24, 36 or 48 months)
Available only to Doctoral students
National competition for limited
number of awards
SSHRC Doctoral – Eligibility
 Canadian citizen or permanent resident
 Applying for support of first PhD
 Be pursuing doctoral studies in social
sciences or humanities
 Have not already received a doctoral
scholarship or fellowship from SSHRC,
Eligibility to hold the award
 Registered full-time in doctoral program (or
combined MA/PhD)
 Not have exceeded the allowable number
of months spent in doctoral study
 CGS tenable only at eligible Canadian
 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships can be taken
abroad only if previous degree was in
Evaluation Criteria
 Academic performance:
 Program of study and research potential
 Relevant professional/academic
experience (papers and publications)
 Two written references
 Department appraisal (ranking) of
SSHRC CGS Master’s
 National competition for limited
number of awards
 Allocated submissions for 2013-2014
competition TBA
In 2012/13 competition:
 57 students submitted applications
 25 of these were forwarded to SSHRC (maximum
 Of the 25 submitted, 24 were approved (success
rate 96%)
SSHRC CGS Master’s
 CGS Master’s Scholarships $17,500 per
year (one time, non-renewable)
 Available to full-time Master’s students
CGS Master’s – Eligibility
 Canadian citizen or permanent resident
 Be applying for support to pursue your first
graduate degree and not have completed more
than 12 months of full-time graduate study at
proposed start date of the award
 First class (A-) average in EACH of the last
TWO years of study
 Have not already received a master’s-level
award from SSHRC, NSERC or CIHR
Eligibility to hold the award
 Registered full-time in first year of master’s
program that includes significant research
 CGS tenable only at Canadian Universities
 Completed all requirements for the
bachelor’s degree (admitted unconditionally
to Master’s)
Evaluation Criteria – CGS Master’s
Academic Excellence
Weighting: 60%
Research Potential
Weighting: 30%
Communication Skills
Weighting: 10%
transcripts, awards, distinctions
analytical skills, critical thinking,
skills, knowledge, judgement,
originality, initiative and autonomy,
determination and ability to complete
projects, timeliness as demonstrated
by program of study, work
experience, contribution, appraisals
demonstrated in the description of
program, work experience,
community involvement,
extracurricular activities, appraisals,
quality of application and if
applicable the departmental
Before you apply…
 Determine if research falls under SSHRC’s
mandate by reviewing the Selecting a
Funding Agency
 Review SSHRC funding opportunities
 Carefully read the description for your
selected funding opportunity to ensure
 original post-secondary transcripts
 No charge for U of G transcripts if sent
direct to department contact
 Allow at least 3-5 business days for
processing of U of G transcripts
Letters of Appraisal
 2 Letters from faculty members who know
your research potential and publications
 Supports information in application
 Enthusiastic!!!
 Focus on skills and past achievements
 Strength and personal attributes
Forward each referee:
List of research contributions
Link to Letter of Appraisal form
Copy of Program of Study
Letter-sized envelope with your
name, address, and deadline info
 Provide lot’s of time!!
Vanier CGS
 World-class doctoral students
 Demonstrate leadership skills and high
standard of scholarly achievement
 Doctoral scholarships at $50,000 per year
for 3 years
 Canadian and international students are
eligible to be nominated for Vanier CGS
 Extremely prestigious and competitive!
Vanier CGS – Eligibility
 be nominated by only one Canadian university
 be seeking financial support to pursue your first
doctoral degree
 Completed no more than 20 months of doctoral
studies as of May 1, 2013
 First-class average (A-) in in each of the last 2
years of full-time study or equivalent
 not have already received a doctoral-level
scholarship or fellowship from CIHR, NSERC or
Vanier CGS
 Vanier CGS candidates are strongly
encouraged to pursue their studies at a
university other than that (or those) which
granted their undergraduate and graduate
Vanier CGS – Application Process
 Entire application is submitted
electronically using ResearchNet
 Hard copies of official transcripts submitted
to Awards Officers, Office of Graduate
 Due date: September 17, 2012
 Students applying for a Vanier Scholarship
should also apply for NSERC PGSD or
SSHRC Doctoral or CIHR Doctoral
Michael Smith Foreign Study
Supplements (MSFSS)
 A tri-agency program to support NSERC,
SSHRC and CIHR and Vanier CGS holders
to help offset the costs of undertaking
research studies outside Canada for 3 to 6
 Up to $6,000 for 3 to 6 months
 have accepted or hold an active CGS award
 Due September 25 or May 25 each year to
the Awards Officer, Office of Graduate

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