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Spiritual Warfare
Basic Training
The Basics
• Spiritual warfare involve some basic
- you must know when it is time to fight
-you must know what spiritual weapon to use
and how to properly use it
-you must know the enemy you face
-you must pray for discernment
-you must remember your battle is not with
the person but the spirit on the person so you
have to speak to the spirit
The Basics
• 1 John 4:3-6
• Spirit of Error-, lies (believing, embracing, repeating)
open you up to a spirit of error. The Devil has always
used lies as a primary form of warfare with the church
-false or mutated doctrines,
-it is important that you find the truth of God’s word for
yourself, never put your salvation, understanding of
Godly knowledge or his word in the complete control
or solely in the hands of man. Truth is the only thing
that fights against a lie.
The Basics
• Spirit of deception- the devil loves to deceive,
• Freedom from spiritual conflicts and bondage
(spiritual warfare) is not a power encounter it is a
truth encounter –Dr. Neil Anderson.
• Believing doctrine that is a half truth or close to
the truth is more dangerous than a lie, because it
has some aspects of being right, that is why the
spirit of deception is so dangerous.
• There are no gray areas with God -2Cor. 10:5
either it is the truth or a lie
The Basics
• John 8:44 Satan is the father of lies and there
is no truth in him. Meaning there is no truth
in his motives, things of this world, his realm,
his rule, his false dominion or his way which
seems right to the flesh, lust and desire of
• James 3:8- our tongue is a powerful weapon
that can be used for evil or good.
The basics
• Some half truths that easily deceive Christians
and cause them to fall into the spirit of error.
old wives tales- superstitions
Friday the 13th
not walking under ladder
luck, lucky rabbit foot
wearing crystals
reading horoscopes
watching or listening TV or talk shows and not
verifying the content that you are hearing.
The Basics
• Spirit of whoredom and perversion- lead to sexual
immorality, they are prevalent in our music, tv, they
have confused the union of sexual intimacy from
something beautiful as God designed into something
that has been reduced to entertainment ex.
Pornography, portrayal of men and women as sexual
objects etc..
• 1 Cor 6:12 everything that is lawful is not necessarily
good or meant for you as a believer
• You cannot put anything before your relationship with
• James 1: 14-15
The Basics
• Spirit of perversion
it enters thru abuse, sexual problems in
marriage, early exposure to sexual materials,
undisciplined devotional life, occult (which is
heavy into sexual sins)
Lessons from Hosea
The Basics
• Spirit of Confusion- Leviathan (to twist) Job 3:8, Job
41:1-6, Isaiah 27:1
• Seeks to block the flow of God’s purpose, power and
prosperity in your life and the church.
• Job 41:1-6- we are powerless against a spirit of
confusion in the flesh.
• Spirit of confusion tries to hide where and the flow of
God’s spirit are moving among the people
• Twist the truth, creates division in the church,
• Leviathan is defeated by the word and Spirit. Eph 6:17,
Heb. 4:12-13, 2 Peter 3:16-18

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