West Wing
East Wing
- Exterior: Masonry and shingles finished, fascia and soffit work ongoing
- 1st Floor: Final coat of paint, casework installed, tile and grout installed
- 2nd Floor: Final coat of paint, tile and casework installed
- 3rd Floor: Tile and casework installed
- Attic: doors installed (no hardware yet)
- Exterior: Masonry and shingles complete, fascia and soffit work ongoing
- 1st Floor: Final coat of paint, casework and counter tops being installed
- 2nd Floor: Painting, tile work mostly completed, casework being installed
- 3rd Floor: Mudding and taping drywall, rough sanding
Central Lounge Area
- Masonry completed
West Parking Lot
- Paving completed
Brick and cast stone completed at Northwest lounge and stair area, curtain
walls nearing completion .
Northwest lounge area curtain walls nearing completion.
Brick and cast stone complete on East wing. Northeast stair curtain wall not
yet installed, flashing has started.
Brick and cast stone completed at central lounge and stair. Weather barrier
also installed on cornice.
Temporary exterior enclosures installed.
Temporary heat installed throughout entire building to accommodate
acceptable working conditions and protection for products.
First floor West corridor
study/lounge area, metal stud
framing completed.
First floor West corridor four
bedroom apartment, kitchen
cabinets and some counter tops
First floor West corridor
bedrooms, final coat of paint
applied, visual display rails
installed, shelving installed.
First floor East corridor studio
apartment, kitchen cabinets
installed, counter tops soon to
be installed.
First floor East corridor
bathrooms, tile floor and
cabinets installed.
Cabinet Unit Heater installed in
West corridor staircase.
West corridor third floor, curtain
walls installed in private study
East corridor two bedroom
corner apartment ready for first
coat of paint.
Third floor central lounge area
drywall being installed.
Forms set for stoops located at
the Northwest entrance. Will
soon be pouring concrete.
Bioswale located between the West wing of the building and the West
parking lot.
Storm sewer line running from West parking lot to bioswale in place.
West parking paving complete.
Concrete work completed at
loading dock area.

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