the punk movement ppt

Origins of Punk Style
• The TradiTional “Punk” image was sTarTed in The
UK, Australia and the US in the mid-1970s.
• The traditional Punk image (Mohawks, patchy
clothes, drainpipe & bondage jeans, strange body
art) is known among Punks simply as Punk. Some
Punk icons are Sid Vicious, Rat Scabies and Johnny
Rotten. This kind of Punk evolved from a kind of
music formerly known as Garage Rock.
• Punks were against all the ideals and morals that
society were trying to impose on them, so they
were, for the most part, rebellious, nihilistic
youth out to offend the general public, live in
excess and die young.
Punk Style/Artists
Sid Vicious
• Born john simon ritchie on may 10,
• Played as bassist for uk punk band
the sex pistols, despite his
apparent inability to play.
• Became a heroin addict, supposedly
killed his girlfriend, nancy
spungen, and committed suicide via
heroin injection (administered by
his mother) at the age of 21 before
they could convict him.
• Vicious is considered the ultimate
punk, and is still used as a model
for punk ideals today.
• Punks who believed that the original Punk
movement had too much flash became what
was known as the Streetpunk Movement.
This eventually became what is known today
as Hardcore and Straight Edge Hardcore.
• Some icons from this movement are Champion
and Throwdown.
• Streetpunk was formed in opposition to the
excess and flamboyant dress of the original
Punk movement, but still with many of the
same ideals.
• Streetpunk style was very similar to
original punk, just grittier.
Streetpunk Style/Artists
• Formed during the
spring of 1999 in seattle,
washington, by vocalist
jim hesketh and
guitarist chris williams.
• After a multitude of line
changes, they finally
came out with come out
swinging in 2000. they
eventually disbanded in
2006, for fear of selling
• Anarcho-Punk was an idealistic
form of punk that promoted
anarchy and social dissidence, but
not violence.
• Anarcho-punk style is very similar
to punk, grunge and streetpunk.
• Some anarcho-punk icons are jello
biafra, crass and the dead
Anarcho-punk style/artists
Jello biafra
• Born eric reed boucher
on june 17, 1958, biafra
has also been known as
occupant, count
ringworm and osama
• Former frontman of
punk band the dead
kennedys, now a spoken
word artist, policital
activist and musician in
various other tracks.
• Another offshoot from traditional Punk
was Grunge, also known as Seattle Sound, in
the late 1980s and early 1990s. Grunge
fashion was a mixture of Punk and
Streetpunk – acid wash jeans, pins, buttons
and patches, boots, plaid flannel shirts and
various other random articles of clothing.
• Grunge icons include Nirvana, Mudhoney,
the Melvins and the Meat Puppets.
• Grunge was not necessarily a form of ideals,
more a congealing of similar minds who
shared the base nihilism of Punk.
Grunge Style/Artists
Kurt cobain
• Born kurt donald cobain
on february 20, 1967.
• Frontman, guitarist and
co-founder of seattle
grunge band nirvana.
• Died of overdose and
shotgun blast to the
head on april 5, 1994.
• A popular offshoot of the violent Hardcore Punk
scene is Emo Punk, which originated in
Washington, D.C., in the mid-1980s.
• Emo Punk has, over the years, blended with Pop
Punk and Indie Rock.
• Some Emo Punk icons are Jimmy Eat World,
Dashboard Confessional and New Found Glory.
• Emo Punk was an offshoot of Hardcore, focusing
more on the individual than the community with
passionate, often confessional, lyrics.
• emo style is strange coloured hair for girls, long,
half-spiked hair for guys, skinny jeans, band tees,
sneakers, tattoos and facial piercings.
Emo Style/Artists
Jimmy eat world
• Formed in 1993 in
mesa, arizona, by
frontman jim adkins
and drummer zach
• First ep released in
1994, latest released
in 2013.
• Screamo is a more aggressive offshoot of
hardcore, with screaming lyrics and
semi-dissonant music.
• Screamo ideals are almost identical to
those of the hardcore movement, but
some are more extreme.
• Some screamo icons are portraits of
past, alexisonfire and we came as
• Screamo style is to emo what streetpunk
is to original punk – emo, but grittier.
Screamo style/artists
• Formed by vocalist george
petit, guitarist, pianist and
vocalist dallas green,
guitarist and vocalist wade
macneil, bassist chris steele
and drummer chris hastings
in 2001.
• Alexisonfire describe their
lyrics as The sound of “Two
catholic schoolgirls in midknife fighT.”
• Disbanded in 2011, after a
farewell tour and special
• In essence, a mixture of anarchopunk, hip hop and hardcore. the
style (lyrics and aesthetics) of
rapcore is a mixture of hip hop,
streetpunk, straight edge and
• Some iconic rapcore artists are
linkin park, rage against the
machine and deez nuts.
Rapcore artists/style
Rage against the machine
• Formed in 1991 in los
angeles by frontman zack
de la roca, guitarist tom
morello, bassist and
backing vocalist tim
Commermerford and
drummer brad wilk.
• In essence, a promoter of
anarchy, social
dissidence, protest, antiamerican sentiments,
even violent action.
Punk’s influences Today
• Some of the influences punk has had
on music is the various number of
different genres that have sprouted
from original punk. Many of the
ideals still exist, and there will
always be punks. Pins, buttons,
skinny jeans, heavy boots, tapered
ears, facial piercings and tattoos
are still highly prevalent in
adolescent society today.

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