Teaching Supermarket Refrigeration

Supermarket Refrigeration
HVAC Excellence Conference
April 1, 2014
Rolf Blom
Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin
Teaching Supermarket Refrigeration
• Demand for “supermarket” technicians
• Schools not including commercial refrigeration
in their program…Why?
– Knowledge
– Costs
– Space
Teaching Supermarket Refrigeration
• Where do you get the knowledge?
• Is it possible to teach without the equipment?
Teaching Supermarket Refrigeration
• Yes it is possible to incorporate into your
• Can be done on a minimal budget
• Can be done with minimal space
First Step - Educate Yourself
• Get familiar with the systems
• Don’t let them intimidate you!
Educate Yourself
• Break the system down into sections subsystems
• Learn the operation of the subsystems
• Bring subsystems together
Educate Yourself
• Get familiar with systems
– Partner with local supermarket
– Partner with local contractors
• Partner with manufacturers
– System manufacturers
– Component manufacturers
Educate Yourself
• Attend seminars
– System manufacturers training
– Sporlan Supermarket Seminar
– Sporlan instructors training
Develop Glossary of Terms &
• Very important!
• Many different terms for same meaning
– Example: A8 is a valve model number for a
Refrigeration Specialties pressure regulating valve.
The term “A8 valve” is used in reference to a head
pressure control valve which is also referred to as
“Hold Back Valve”, “Flooding Valve”, “Stacking
Utilize Diagrams
Utilize Diagrams
• “Map” of the system
Utilize Diagrams
Rack diagram
Condenser diagram
Circuit diagram
Piping diagrams
Interpret Diagrams
• Understand flow & operation
• Generate your own diagram
Utilize Refrigeration Schedules
Refrigeration Schedules
• Known as the “RS”
• The “directions” to the “map”
• Lists all the information for the refrigeration
• Engineers use it to design/build systems
• Key item for teaching supermarket systems!
System Components
• Break subsystems down to individual
• Teach operation & function
Component Operation
Purpose in system
How they operate
Component operation
– Cut-away view
– Disassemble
• Ask wholesalers & manufacturers for samples
or warranty return parts
• Have students disassemble components
• Hands on learning
• Component Identification Exercise
– Partner with supermarket
– Number tags attached to components on a system
– Students match tag number to component
“Show & Tell” Demo Rack
Build a mock display refrigeration rack
Stand alone for “show & tell”
Use old “retired” racks
Valuable when teaching subsystems
No electrical or refrigeration lines connected
Make it mobile
Teach Subsystems
Oil management
Defrost system
High side system
Compressor system
Low side system
Teach Control Systems
• Energy Management System – EMS
– The control system for supermarkets
– Controls refrigeration, HVAC, & lighting
– Utilize EMS demos
– Students learn to navigate system, change
settings, programming
Refrigeration EMS
Trouble Shooting Supermarket
• You don’t have an operating system?
• How do you teach trouble shooting skills?
Utilize Simulators
• Allows student interaction
• Students use skill sets applied to real systems
– Mechanical
– Electrical
– Controls
• Instructors able to tract students actions,
procedures, thought process
Mechanical System
Mechanical System
Electrical System
Electrical System
Conclusion - Yes It Can Be Done!!!
• Include supermarket systems in your program
– Be creative
– Ask for help
– Keep learning!!!
Thank You!!!

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