ANGEL Orientation Powerpoint - Lutheran High School of Orange

This is the website for your classroom.
This is what you looks like after you log in
Click on the name of the class you want to see!
Course Homepage
Click here for Calendar!
Click on a number to create
an event for that day!
Only you can see your Calendar! Important course dates will be listed.
Click here for Lessons!
“Lessons” will look like this!
The Lessons page is where you will find all of your assignments for
the entire course!
Course Guide
Getting Acquainted
Other Info
Discussion Questions
Drop boxes
Let’s check out Discussion Questions…
To Answer a DQ, click on “New Post”
To reply to another student’s answer,
click on the student’s post.
Then click Reply
Course Guide
Getting Acquainted
Other Info
Discussion Questions
Drop boxes
Let’s check out a Drop Box…
Drop boxes work just like email!
Type your assignment in to the message box,
or attach it as a file. It all depends on what
Kind of assignment it is!
This is also where you will find your teachers
grades and comments on each assignment.
Click here for Resources!
Just like it sounds! You’ve got things like a calculator, a dictionary,
and a Google link. Resources that can help you with your online
Click here to Communicate!
1. Email: This is how you communicate with your teacher!
2. Course Roster: List of other students in your class
3. Course News and Events: Announcements, News, and Polls
Log into PowerSchool with
the same Username and
password provided by
your Academic Advisor.
Upon login you will be
able to review your
attendance and grades
for your courses.
Click on your grade to
view a detailed grade
report from your
This page lists the
assignments due for the
entire course, including
due dates and points for
each assignment.
Firefox! It’s free!
You have to have Firefox, a web browser,
otherwise the classroom won’t work correctly.
To download Firefox go to
You can also go to and type
“Firefox”. It should be the first site that pops up.
LHSOC Students whose Last names begin with A-K
Sarah Fessenden 714-282-4606 [email protected]
LHSOC Students whose last names begin with L-Z
Marsha Podas 714-282-4645 [email protected]
Blended Students
Bethany Nolan 714-282-4685 [email protected]
Partner Schools
Jenny Lark 714-998-5151 ex.522 [email protected]
Fulltime and Single Course Students
Cindy Schlichtemeier 714-282-4679 [email protected]

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