Technology Update (May 2013)

Variable Digital Full Color Table Top Envelope Printing
Doug Branch
Mailtech Mailing Systems
• Technologies now available – Tabletop
Variable Digital Process Color Envelope Printing
*Traversing HP head table top printers
*Fixed Head HP table top printers
*Table top Laser printers
*Fixed Wide Head ink jet - MemJet Technology table
top printers
Examples of fixed and traversing
HP head printers
 HP single cartridge – Single color systems
 HP single cartridge – Multi color systems
Laser Color Printers
 Tabletop Full Color Envelope Laser Printers
 Xante Ilumina
Envelope feeder and output conveyors available
Laser technology – toner, drum, fused with heat
Full process color
Flat paper path
Wide variety of substrates accepted
Easy to set up and run
Video of Xante Ilumina Color
Laser Digital Envelope Printer
New Ink jet wide fixed head ink jet
– Memjet Technology
 Wide Fixed Print head 8.7” width
 Water base ink jet
 Incredible speeds up to 4x that of comparable color laser
 Supply savings ¼ the cost of comparable color laser
 Simple to operate – no specialized technicians or operators
 700 million drops of ink printed per second yielding up to
1600 x 1600 dpi
 Less moving and wear parts than laser
 Lower cost wear parts.
of Memjet Color Ink Jet
Where Laser Excels
 Brilliance of colors
 Gloss stocks
 Permanent laser printed Images – not water soluble
 Depending upon printer - may offer somewhat larger
print area than ink jet
Where ink jet excels
* Extremely low cost as low as ¼ that of laser
*Higher speeds – up to 4x faster than laser
*Ability to use more textured envelopes and papers
* No heat outline of flap on front of envelope
*Ability to use glassine window envelopes
*Ability to rerun envelopes on laser and ink jet printers
second time through imaging variable data
* Minimal wear parts
*Extremely low cost of 8.7” print head
* 4x recommended monthly run volumes 500,000 vs 150,000
*Local Service Support
Pricing of both color Xante laser
and Memjet Ink jet technologies
Both closely priced between $ 16,000. to
$21,000. or as little as $310. per month leased
depending upon accessories, conveyors,
feeders and RIP – Color matching software
Brochures of Xante Ilumina and
Mach 5, Mach X enclosed in your
Thank you for your attention
For further information please contact;
Doug Branch – VP Sales
Mailtech Mailing Systems Inc.
625 Acorn Street
Deer Park NY, 11729
Office phone 631-586-2174
Cell phone 516-429-5779
E-mail: [email protected]

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