Ozone in the Management of Pain

Medical Ozone in the
Management of Pain
Initial report
Dr B Cantera et al
Queen Street Practice Wairoa
Introduction and rationale
• The use of medical Ozone is a controversial issue. In several
countries ( including Germany, Spain and Cuba) medical ozone
has a very extensive application in pain control with good
results .
• The use of medical ozone alone a as well as with steroids and
steroids alone , for joint pain has been studied and compared
with better results when ozone is implicated
• GP manage chronic joint pain, back pain and fibromyalgia
patients on a daily bases.
• Application of medical ozone with or without steroids in these
patients is a possible tool , simple enough to perform in a
Primary Care set up.
• OZONE applied intradiscally reacts with macromolecular
glycoproteins ( proteoglycans and collage type II and IV)
• OZONE applied paravertebral produces moderate oxidative stress
activating transcriptional factor(Nrf2) supressing NFkB and
inflammatory response besides increasing oxygen contents
• Patients with chronic pain due to OA, herniated disc, fibromyalgia
were offered medical ozone injection or rectal insufflation One
sportsman requested it for enhacement
• Strict protocol as per amount and concentration of medical ozone
were followed as per Madrid Declaration on Use of Medical Ozone
Demographics and Regions Treated
Bibliography and Contacts

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