The Edge Award

What is the Ulster Edge Award?
What do I Need to do?
When will I receive the Ulster Edge Award?
Factors to consider
• Did you know that there are
over 85 applications for every
graduate job
• Employers are recruiting
graduates who not only have a
degree but also key
transferable skills
• View what EDGE graduates say
What is the Ulster EDGE Award?
• An employability Award for F/T Undergraduate Students
• Provides official recognition and evidence for activities
outside your programme of study
• Taken in addition to your degree
• You have up to 4 years to complete the award.
• You will receive it with your degree
How do you achieve the EDGE?
Its as easy as 1, 2, 3
Register for the Ulster EDGE Award
Choose and complete activities.
a. EDGE Award: complete 4 activities which are NOT all from the same category
b. EDGE Excel: complete 6 activities across 3 categories (no separate registration)
**Ensure that each activity is verified within the academic year that you complete the
Apply for the Award (in final year) once you have completed activities
Written application – Ulster EDGE Award
Employer-led panel interview – Ulster EDGE Excel Award.
How do you achieve the EDGE?
EDGE: Complete 4 activities (they CAN’T all be from same category)
EDGE Excel: Complete 6 activities from across 3 categories
Category 1: Accredited co-curricular modules
Category 2: Work Experience, Study Abroad and Enterprise
Category 3: Internal & External Opportunities
Category 4: Formal University-wide Opportunities
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
Accredited co-curricular
Work experience, Study Abroad
and Enterprise
Internal and External
Formal University Wide
•Careers modules
•Building your skills PPD105 (1st yr
•Developing Skills for Work PPD104 (2nd
Yr module)
• Graduation- what next? PPD102 (3rd yr
P/T job
•Work Experience Skills Builder Module
PPD 184
•Open to all
•Sports/Students Union Club or
Committee Member
•Student Union Rag Volunteer
•Volunteering with External
Open to Social Work students
•Social Work Individual Practice
Development Days
Open to Sports students
•Ulster Sports Outreach Education
Induction Training Programme
•Ulster Sports Outreach Sport for LIFE
Open to UBS students
•Entrepreneurship Competitions
•CIMA Accredited SAGE certificate
Open to Nursing students
•Disaster Risk Reduction
•Immediate Life Support
Open to Computing & Engineering
•Stem Ambassador
Open to Media, Film & Journalism
Student Innovation Competition (with
Open to Sports and Creative Dance
•Dance for Life Programme
•Open to Biomedical Sciences Students
Developing job application and
interview skills
Open to Law Students
Street Law Programme
•Tutoring in schools
Open to 2nd Year students (only
available to specific disciplines)
•Peer Assisted Study Skills 1 PPD037
•Peer Assisted Study Skills 2 PPD051
Open to all students
•Skills Development through Student
Open to Criminology, Politics and Social
•Student Global Village PPD196
Open to Nursing Students
•Reflect on Me PPD131
Year long Placement – DPP(I)/DIAS
Year Long Placement
Study USA
Study Abroad
International Student Exchange
Programme (ISEP)
Language Assistant
Ulster Sports Outreach Educational
Placement Programme
Short-term placements – via
'employability through work
experience' PPD100)
Washington Ireland Program
IAESTE Placement
Preparation Module (only open to
computing students)
Placement Preparation PPD120
•Students Union Enterprise Competition
Team Member
•Sciences and Ethics: Debates and
•Developing Digital literacy
External opportunities
•Business Enterprise Academy
•Business Bootcamp
•Leaderhsip Development Programme
Module 1 &2
Do you have to complete a certain amount of activities in a year?
– No the amount each year is up to you, as long as you have four activities
completed before you graduate.
Can activities I completed last year count?
– No, Only CPPD modules from last year can be counted as this will already be
recorded onto the universities database.
How much time do I need to volunteer for it to be included as an activity?
– You must volunteer for at least 30 hours.
What steps do I need to take if I volunteer for an organisation outside of the
– You need to check that the organisation you are volunteering has signed up
with the SU (check SU website). You need to fill out a log book from the
Students Union to record the hours and the activities you took part, has to be
signed off by your volunteering supervisor and verified by the SU
What if the voluntary organisation is not registered with the SU?
– You need to encourage the organisation to register with the SU otherwise if
you are doing 40 hours over a year with the organisation you can engage with
‘work experience skills builder module’ CPPD module
Student Union
Activity Log
Can activities I have completed during vacation periods throughout my degree
be used?
Yes, any activity that is completed during your degree can be counted towards the
award provided that it has been approved by the EDGE award team.
How do I get my activity credited towards the award?
Once you have completed the activity it will be your responsibility to hand in your
log book so that staff can go online and confirm successful completion within that
academic year.
Can part time/short term employment count towards this award?
No, unless you engage in the CPPD module ‘work experience skills builder’
allowing you to reflect on the skills which you have developed
How do I check my progress on EDGE?
Email the Ulster EDGE Team: [email protected]
I have completed all four/six activities… now what?
Once all four/six activities have been completed you must then apply for the
award. You will receive an email prompting you to do this when the time comes.
What happens if I withdraw my application?
If you decide you no longer wish to participate in the award, contact a member
of the Ulster Edge Award team.
E-mail: [email protected]
Drop into the Career Development Centre for more information

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