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Applications in
a Day…or Less
By Ano Tisam
 Short
 Current ICT Environment
 How software is normally built?
 How we build software?
Current ICT Environment
No Buy in to ICT policy => Where? …and Why?
No Strategic Plan => How?
No Programmes & Projects => What?
What happened? Chaos
Ministries doing their own thing
Ad-hoc IT procurement and projects
Duplication of effort due to decentralisation of
OPM ICT unable to coordinate effectively due to
resource constraints
Rely on Foreign Consultants backed by donors
Local IS/CS grads out of work in their fields
USP IS/CS Graduates
Job Placements
Jobs by Industry
IT Industry
IT Related Work
Non-IT Related Work
Job placement of USP IS or CS grads from 2001-2010
Foreign vs. Local
 Foreign
 Local
 Tourism
 Annual $10,000
 Annual $0
o Average Govt cap exp: $354,363 per
software project
o 100% sent overseas
Government Contracts
For software development goes overseas
Reason why we built.
How is software usually
Web Applications
Build Database Layer
Modelling entities and their relationships
Build Logic Layer
Model processes/business logic
Build a User Interface Layer
Modelling user interaction with system
Tried many Alternatives
 Various
tools and methodologies have
been created to deal with complexity
Coding frameworks e.g. CodeIgniter, Ruby
on Rails, .NET
Development Methodologies e.g. Waterfall,
SCRUM, Lean IT, Extreme Programming
IDE’s, Code Gens
Object-Oriented Programming
Brief Demo
 http://localhost/viviki/
The End
Thank You – [email protected]

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