Campus Safety & Security Emergency Management at UWS

Emergency Management at
Presented by:
Glenn Cooper
• What is an Emergency ?
• Types of Emergency Events
• Emergency Response Training (ERT)
• Preparation & Planning /Evacuation Drills &
Emergency Roles
• Recent Evacuation Hawkesbury Campus
• Mass Casualty Training
What is an Emergency?
Any event which arises internally or from external sources, which
may adversely affect the safety of persons or the community
generally, and which requires an immediate response.
Ref: AS 3745:200
Types of Emergency Events
Bush Fire
Electric Shock
Suspicious Mail/ Package
Bomb Threat
Gas Leak
Power Failure
Water Leak
Hostage /Siege
Violent or Threatening
• Storm /Severe Weather
• Motor Vehicle Accident
• Toxic Chemical Release
Preparation – Training of staff for
Emergency response
Campus Safety & Security carry out the training for Emergency Response , we have
training sessions on a campus each month , register via “My Career on line”
Why are training & evacuation drills conducted?
Reveal Planning Strengths / Weaknesses
Identify Resource Gaps
Improve Emergency Coordination
Clarify Roles And Responsibilities
Improve Individual Performance
Planning for the Evacuation Drill
• Campus Safety & Security will conduct evacuation drills for every
building at least once per year
• We will make contact with the chief building warden to plan for an
appropriate day & time for the drill to take place.
• Consideration will be given to briefing building occupants on:
Time / date of the drill (surprise drills are not recommended)
Identity of wardens
Alarm system (different tones) or ways the alert will be issued
Alarm response actions, what to do
Assembly point / areas and alternatives
Evacuation routes
Feedback & Debrief requirements
Evacuation of Hawkesbury Campus
We had a requirement to evacuate our Hawkesbury campus on the 10-092013 due to loss off power for an extended period.
We evacuated all buildings and grounds with the exception of the childcare
centre and our residential area.
During the evacuation we also had a complication that fires erupted around
the campus this then caused another concern regarding personal safety of
those still on campus.
How did we manage the child care and residential areas , what were we
going to do in a complete shut down of the campus ?
Discussions are taking place with stakeholders to draft SOP’s for
emergency management in regards to childcare facilities.
Mass Casualty Training
• This training was provided by Surf Lifesaving Australia on 2nd & 3rd October
2013 at the Hawkesbury Campus.
• The training involved one day of classroom based theory & exercises and one
day of scenario based training
• In attendance at this training were representatives of Campus Safety &
Security, Capital Works & Facilities, Workplace Health & Safety and the Office
of People & Culture.
• Scenarios were based on real life situations such as an Active shooter on
campus as well as a Clandestine drug lab explosion
• All attendees found this training to be beneficial and I feel as though it
expanded my personal skill set.

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