Small Business Services
Small Business Services
Our Focus
• Focus on small businesses with annual turnover up to R 7.5
• Market segmentation allows for a greater focus on a market that
has diverse and specific needs
• Specific segments include:
 Start-up businesses (not yet started, less that 2 years old)
 Small sized franchises (e.g. Vodashop, Captain Doregos,
Romans Pizzas)
 Small professional entities (e.g. doctors, dentists, accountants,
lawyers, engineers )
 Established small business (older than 2 years - general service,
retailing & manufacturing concerns)
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Why Do Businesses Fail?
Lack of
of Financial
Activities 34%
Inflation &
Bookkeeping &
Records 12%
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Problems 6%
Sales &
Problems 11%
Problems 9%
Market Challenges
• Access to markets
 Opportunities
 Capital
• Financial Acumen
• Business formalisation
• Access to Support Services/growth partners
• Lack of Collateral
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Our Offer
Through our understanding of self-employed and challenges they face we
provide ‘banking’ given their unique requirements as well as ‘value added’
offers that will assist with their success.
• Focussed segmentation approach delivering banking given the unique
criteria and needs of a segment…focus on start-up and franchise
• Relationship Model that supports the segmentation strategy via dedicated
relationship managers and small business services staff in branches
• Specialist unit to focus on start-ups
• A credit philosophy and policies aligned to the segment focussed
• Service efficiency and excellence
• Unique start-up offer
• Value adds as part of the start-up offer and available to non-start ups.
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Unique Start-up Offer
• We have a specific offer to assist start-up
businesses in their success.
Business Registration
Finance & Free
transactional banking
Free business seminars
Free financial
training franchisees
Nedbank Retail
Free Banking
• Targeted at Start-up businesses (under two years)
• Take out a minimum R100 000 loan size and qualify for
 Unlimited Cash Deposits
 Unlimited Debit Orders
 Unlimited Cheques from own cheque book
 Unlimited Internet Banking
Market First !
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Added Value – Business Registration
• Business Registration via Swiftreg – a strategic partner
• Nedbank Small Business Services Representative in a
branch will facilitate the process
• Existing and new clients – Nedbank Small Business
Services current account as primary account
• Pure value add to our clients (also available to non-startups)
• Cost
 CCs - shelf and new = R360
 (Pty) Ltd shelf = R1065 (Pty) Ltd new = R950
 Cost for the service paid by the client directly to
Nedbank Retail
Added Value - Mentorship
• Delivered by Business Partners – one of our strategic
• On application for finance or turnaround mentorship
• Across various disciplines e.g. finance, marketing, startup, franchising.
• Nedbank makes a financial contribution to the
mentorship cost.
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Added Value - Khula Agreement
• Nedbank first to sign revised Agreement
• Loan size
R10 000- R250 000
(90% Indemnity Cover)
R250 001-R1 000 000
(80% Indemnity Cover)
R1 000 001-R3 000 000
(70% Indemnity Cover)
• Developmental Focus
Rural Focus
Women owned businesses
Bottom-end Lending focus
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Our Products and Services
What is finance
required for
Duration of finance
Facilities available
Working capital
Overdraft facility
Debtor finance
Short term loans
Fixtures & fittings
Medium - term
Asset based finance
Plant & equipment
- Instalment sale
- Lease
Renovation of premises
- Rental
-Medium term loan
Property finance
Long - term
Home loan
Commercial property
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Funding the start-up / growth
What does the bank need ?
• Comprehensive Business Plan
• Cash Flow Projections
• Information on the owner (s):
– CV and ID,
– personal statement of assets and liabilities
– Personal account bank statement
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Funding the start-up /
What the bank needs (cont....)
• Business financial information and bank statements
• Other relevant documents
• Own contribution
• Security offered
Nedbank Retail
What the bank considers
• The business owner’s character and personality traits
• Experience of the business owner
• The viability of the business in respect of:
• Location
• Competition
• Suppliers
• Growth potential etc, etc
• Nedbank
of business plan/projections
Our Approach
Nedbank Retail
Concluding Remarks
• We specialise in Small Business (dedicated division)
• Focus on Black owned businesses.
• Dedicated Nedbank Small Business Services
• Differentiated credit lending model catering for the
diverse needs of the small business market.
• We offer “value-added” services business through
strategic partnerships namely mentorship, business
registration, free financial franchise training, risk
underwriting, business management seminars.
• Our value proposition is underpinned by service
efficiency & excellence.
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Contact details
Grant Kirkbride
(031) 2516429
Cell: 071 869 8600
[email protected]
Nedbank Retail
Nedbank Retail

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