Professor Rachel Munton Deputy Director, East Midlands

Leadership in the context of
the White Paper
“Liberating the NHS”
Professor Rachel Munton
Deputy Director, East Midlands Leadership Academy
Interim Director of Nursing, NHS East Midlands
The NHS in the East Midlands
Strategic Health Authority
9 NHS Acute Trusts
• NHS East Midlands
• Chesterfield Royal Foundation
9 PCT’s
• Bassetlaw
• Nottinghamshire County
• Nottingham City
• Derby City
• Derbyshire County
• Leicester City
• Leicestershire County and Rutland
• Lincolnshire
• Northamptonshire
5 Mental Health / Learning
Disability NHS Trusts
• Derbyshire Mental Health Services
• Leicestershire Partnership
• Lincolnshire Partnership
• Northamptonshire Healthcare
• Nottinghamshire Healthcare
• Derby Hospitals Foundation
• Kettering General
• Northampton General
• Nottingham University Hospitals
• Sherwood Forest Foundation Hospitals
• United Lincolnshire Hospitals
• University Hospitals of Leicester
• Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals Foundation
1 NHS Ambulance Trust
• East Midlands Ambulance Service
Employs 100,000 staff
Spends £6bn annually on
NHS healthcare
Serves 4.3m people
Equity & Excellence:
Liberating the NHS: Key themes
• Commissioner / Provider split
• GP Commissioners: National Commissioning Board
• Accelerated progress to Foundation Trusts for
• Economic Regulator/ Care Quality Commission
• Public Health separated from the NHS
Underpinning Principles
• “No decision about me, without me”: patient focus
and involvement enhanced
• Increased clinical empowerment
• Outcomes based on clinical evidence not process
“Our intention is to create an NHS which is much more
responsive to patients, and achieves better outcomes,
with increased autonomy and clear accountability at
every level.”
“It might be possible to describe being an NHS Top Leader as a
state of mind which can be practised and developed – an
attitude of openness to new experiences, acute self-insight
both in terms of strengths and weaknesses, the willingness and
ability to confront difficult challenges with resilience and
humour, as being an effective influencer and communicator,
and as a person who passionately believes in the fundamentals
of the NHS as being patient-centred, fair for all and free for
- Dr Foster Intelligence 2010 unpublished
“just as those who aspire to be Top Leaders need to be capable
of self-scrutiny in terms of their strengths, weaknesses,
experiences and responses, they need to be accessible, open
and ‘recognisably human’ for colleagues at all levels in their
organisations whilst remembering that they cannot afford to
share each worry lest it snowball into a crisis of confidence in
them as leaders. In short, Top Leaders have to develop
balancing skills and judgement about what behaviour is
appropriate and required in each situation.”
- Dr Foster Intelligence 2010 unpublished
Common findings – NHS Top Leaders
• Self awareness
• Boredom as a motivator
for change
• Work life balance
• Difficult truths
• Delivering the mandate
Role models
Career fulfilment
Individual approaches
Introducing the East Midlands Leadership Academy
“To improve patient,
service user and
carer experience and
support staff
wellbeing in the East
Midlands through
the development and
promotion of high
quality leadership”
A membership organisation - all 24 [current] East Midlands
NHS organisations have agreed to support it and fund it
through a levy.
Established in Autumn 2009. Karen Lynas is Director of the
Academy, Professor Rachel Munton is Deputy Director
Work with all professional groups and a growing reputation
for innovative, effective, engaging and high quality work.
Focus on senior leaders – typically Band 8C and above,
includes all professional groups, some special attention given
to leaders from under represented groups.
Leadership in times of change
“Our staff need the support and oxygen that only we
as leaders can provide.”
- David Nicholson
Contact Details:
The Academy works through:
The use of expert providers,
using creative approaches to
generate solutions
Working collaboratively to
design the required
development offers
Fully administered, locally
delivered, relevant products
• Karen Lynas
[email protected]
• Professor Rachel Munton
[email protected]
Telephone: 0115 9555449 / 07825 656 341

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