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Curriculum Connections
December 5, 2013
TCMPC/TEKS Resources
Legislative & TEA Updates
Priority & Focus Campuses
Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)
TCMPC & TEKS Resource System
TCMPC Updates
• Elizabeth Saenz has been elected to represent ESC-2 on
the TCMPC Management Team.
• RFP for the Mathematics Assessment Development work
is due November 26th. State budget is tight. TCMPC will
most likely dip into remaining fund balance to accomplish
this work.
Anticipated award date: January 2014
PLS 3rd Learning: Recent Updates
Enabling User Accounts at the District Level
TVD Tool
Unit Test Access
Feedback System Enhancements
PLS 3rd Learning: Coming Soon
• Lesson Plan Collaboration
• Calendar Collaboration
• New Math Standards
2013-2014: Select Grades K-HS. Select Mathematics (Current Standards)
OR Select Mathematics (New Standards*)
2014-2015: Select K-8 Mathematics. Select HS Courses.
2015-2016: Select Grades K-HS.
• TCMPC Content Tool
Vertical Viewer
• Support Videos
New Math Standards in TEKS Resource
System Site
• The new mathematics standards K-12 went live to
districts on November 21st.
• Current standards will remain as they are in the site.
TEA Updates
2012-13 Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)
 The 2012-13 TAPR was released on the
confidential Texas Education Agency Secure
Environment (TEASE) website on November 21,
2013. District and campus TAPR will be posted
to the TEA public website
on December 5.
 The TEASE release provides the information
that districts need
to fulfill publishing and notification
requirements for the TAPR.
 The TAPR Guidelines will provide details about
district responsibilities
2012-13 Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)
 MUST publish: Performance and profile sections of
district and campus TAPR reports
 MAY publish: Glossary
(English Glossary will be available on November 21.
Spanish translation will be available in January 2014.)
 MUST ADD and publish:
o Campus performance objectives;
o Report of violent or criminal incidents; and
o Information from THECB about performance of
students in postsecondary institutions
2012-13 Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)
District Responsibilities – Hearing for Public Discussion
 Must be held within 90 calendar days after the
November 21, 2013, TEASE release. District winter
break days do not count towards the 90 days.
 TAPR must be disseminated within 2 weeks after the
2012-13 School Report Card
 In the 2011-12 school year, the reporting
requirements for the School Report Card were
suspended during the transition from TAKS to STAAR
since no state ratings were assigned in 2012.
 A newly-designed School Report Card for the 201213 school year will
be released in January 2014.
Advisory Committees
 December 2013 to early spring 2014 – Accountability
advisory groups convene to develop recommendations
to Commissioner for accountability ratings criteria and
labels for 2014 and beyond and performance index
targets for 2014, 2015, and 2016 accountability ratings.
 Spring 2014 – Commissioner announces accountability
ratings criteria
for 2014 and beyond and final 2014 targets,
preliminary 2015 targets,
and preview 2016 targets.
2013 Accountability Manual
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
STAAR Progress Measure Documents
Performance Reporting Home Page
Performance Report Telephone Number
(512) 463-9704
Texas Regional Collaborative
• The TRC has received funding for next year. The RFA will
be issued in January for existing collaboratives.
• The Texas State Aquarium/ESC2 Science collaborative will
be seeking teachers for this grant. The focus of the grant
will be secondary biology.
• The Region 2 Math Collaborative will focus on 3-12
• Be on the look out for district commitment forms in
PACT Mentoring Grant
To promote student achievement and new teacher
retention though quality mentoring for the novice
Mentor Selection Criteria
• Recognized excellence in teaching
• Ability to mentor beginning teachers, time to work with
novice teacher by providing support and guidance
• Willingness to meet all requirements and submit all
Requirements for Acceptance
• Mentor
Completed application (application is available upon request)
Three years of teaching experience
Principal recommendation
• Novice Teacher
First or second year teacher
Willingness to participate in mentoring program
Program Expectations
• Complete the online mentor training at
• Complete two classroom observations of the novice
teacher, conduct a post conference, and submit
documentation to the ESC
Benefits for the Novice Teacher
Trained school mentor
Constructive feedback on classroom instruction
Access to online workshops and support
Educational resource books including First Days of
School by Harry Wong.
• Each mentor will receive a stipend of $300.00 for the
completion of all requirements. Documentation is due by
April 1, 2014. All documentation must be received in the Ed
Prep office in order for payment to be made.
Contact Information
• Joanne Ferguson
• [email protected]
• 361-561-8520
• Michelle Morales
• [email protected]
• 361-561-8663
5 SEC. 46
Community and Student engagement
Campus Rating
Format of the PDAS Observations Summary form as a template score
Community & Parental Involvement Ideas:
A Framework for 21st Century Learning:
National Drop Out Prevention Network:
GT State Plan:
Junior Achievement:

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