Creating a Narrated PowerPoint

Creating a Narrated PowerPoint
with your Netbook
For PowerPoint 2010
By Andreas Brockhaus
UWB Learning Technologies
Setting up your microphone
Step 1: Plug in your headphones with microphone
Step 2: Search for the microphone settings
Type in microphone
Click on Manage audio devices
Setting up your microphone
Step 3: Click on the Recording tab and double-click the microphone icon
Step 4: Click on the Levels tab and adjust the volume as needed.
Double-click the microphone
It’s better to move your microphone
away from your mouth and boost
the volume
Recording your Narration
1. Create your slides; then click on the Slide Show Tab and Record Slide Show
2. Test one slide ; if you’re too quiet, boost the microphone recording level
3. Record narrations for all of the slides using Recording from Beginning
4. Fix the narration of individual slides if needed using Recording from Current
5. Don’t worry too much about perfection
Select the Slide Show tab, deselect Use
Timings, click on Record Slide Show
From Beginning for all slides
From Current Slide to fix an
individual slide
Recording your Narration
1. Narrate your PowerPoint as normal, using the mouse button or
enter to move from slide to slide
2. Be sure to wait a couple of seconds after you finish speaking to
advance to the next slide
3. Use the redo button to redo a narration while you’re recording
4. Use the Esc button to stop and save the recording
Deselect Slide and animation timings
Use the redo to redo a
narration while recording
Finishing your presentation
1. Save your work as a normal PowerPoint file
2. Listen to your presentation by running the PowerPoint slide show
3. Post it online!
Run your presentation to hear your narration

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