FreeTimeSlot - in comparison

in comparison
1. No time slot booking system
2. Phone and paper or Excel-based
time slot booking system
3. Collaborative, Internet-based
time slot booking system
Carriers’ random arrival to load/unload generates bottlenecks with no ETA or OTD
Results: poor visibility on arrivals/pickups, waiting time, demurrage fees, overtime at site, low return on
operations, longer loading/unloading times, dissatisfied customers
With FreeTimeSlot: no more waiting, no more demurrage fees, full visibility on bookings, no
miscommunication, no peak times, less overtime, better workload planning, improved operations, timely
FTS vs No time slot booking system
Time slot negotiated with (heavy workload) or imposed on (no flexibility) carriers
Results: lots of manual work and inefficiencies, potential (positive) discrimination of carriers leading to
delays, poor contract compliance, shippers pay cost premium to carrier due to constraints in its fleet
With FreeTimeSlot: full, real-time visibility on bookings leading to optimum choice, outsourced booking
process, no miscommunication, better workload planning, improved operations
FTS vs Phone and paper or Excel-based time slot booking system
Are you using the best time slot booking application?
Since introducing collaborative time slot booking is one of the most impactful and most feasible changes
you can implement in your supply chain, we believe it should be completely free for all sites (warehouses,
ports, manufacturing sites, etc.) around the world.
FreeTimeSlot: super quick implementation, completely flexible schedules, user management by own
admin, different user and access types, custom timestamps, custom booking fields, forward access, no
double bookings, affiliate program, viral spread, unbeatable pricing
FTS vs Collaborative, Internet-based time slot booking system
We are happy to talk about costs
- completely free for sites
- 1 EUR per day for bookers/carriers (unlimited booking on all schedules)
Return on investment: immediately
Speed of implementation: instantly for all site users and bookers/carriers
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