Pearl S. Buck and The Good Earth

Intro to research and a Media
The Good Earth summer reading connection
Language Arts 2 Honors-Jackson
 Students will create and research a question based off their
readings from The Good Earth.
 Students will create a thesis statement that answers the research
 Students will research a variety of primary and secondary sources
related to a research question.
 Students will discuss and analyze the accuracy, relevancy, validity,
and currency of sources related to the research question.
 Students will use MLA citation to cite sources and to create a MLA
Works Cited page.
 Students will create a Public Service Announcement related to the
research question.
Task-Choose or create a question to
be researched.
 In groups of 4 , choose one of the questions provided below or
create your own question based on one of the themes from
the novel, The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck
 Choice 1. To what extent does gender discrimination exist in
China today?
 Choice 2. To what extent are humans contributing to global
 Choice 3. With your group, create your own question to be
researched. (Your questions should be related to a
theme/topic from the novel; hint: use your summer reading
Slide 1: The Question: To what extent does gender
discrimination exist in China today? Include
student names.
Brought to
you by:
•Chris Hernandez
•Christy Hundley
•Alicia Jimenez
•Elijah Early
Together with your group, create a
thesis statement for this question.
 Your thesis should have a :
 Subject
 Opinion
 Should answer the research question
 Note: You might find that you need to revise your thesis
statement as you continue your research.
Slide 2: Thesis Statement
 Although China has made achievements in reducing
inequality between men and women, discrimination
against women in China exists to a great extent in many
facets of modern Chinese society.
Task-Find a minimum of 4 different
sources to answer your question.
 Use the Internet to find a minimum of 4 different sources related to your
 Read or view the entire source or a large enough chunk to discuss as a
group the validity, relevancy, credibility, authenticity, and currency of
 Read this for help on
analyzing sources.
 Click here to define the above terms
 One of your sources must be a video.
 One of your sources must be a visual aid with an original caption written
by your group: Visual aid examples: table, chart, map, etc.
 Embed quotes and paraphrasing from your sources. (1 paraphrase
 Use MLA in-text citation to cite your sources.
Websites to help you:
 Try this website for help on the differences
between paraphrasing and quotations:
 Try this website for help with MLA in-text citation:
 Try an iphone App on MLA citation (***these apps are
available for purchase-check with your parents before
downloading an app)
Task-Use Power Point or a similar program to create a
presentation that you will present to the class.
 The next slides are examples of how one of your pages
might look in a Power Point presentation.
Each slide will contain one quote or
paraphrase with in-text citation and an
explanation from each student
explaining why this source is relevant to
the research question or is particularly
credible or current.
Slide 3: Title: “Gender discrimination
blamed for sex imbalance”
 Quote: “In an attempt to halt the growing
imbalance, China launched a "care for girls"
campaign nationwide in 2000 to promote the belief
that men and women are equal. The government
has also offered cash incentives to girl-only families
in the countryside. But these policies have not had
their desired effect” (Xinhua).
This source discusses how the one child policy has led to more
boys than girls being born in China. -Chris
This source gives several statistics on how selective abortions have
influenced the number of girls born in China.-Christy
This source provides an alternate reason why gender
discrimination still exists in China and appears very credible.- Alicia
This source shows that the Chinese government has policy in
place to reduce gender discrimination and the date is recent. –
Slide 4: Video Title: Sex in China shows
widening gap - Biz Wire - May 17,2013
(BONTV China).
Explain why source answers the research question or is valid,
credible, etc. ……..
………...- Alicia
………... –Elijah
Slide 5: Another source
 Remember one of your
sources must Be a visual
aid: (examples: chart,
map, graph , etc ) with an
original caption written by
your group explaining
what the visual aid shows.
Don’t forget a statement
from each group member
explaining why this visual
aid answers your research
Your caption here:
Slide 7: Task: Create an MLA Works
Cited page with your 4 sources
 Here are some links to help you create an MLA works
cited page:
 Refer to your course syllabus on how to avoid plagiarism.
 Cite all of your sources. Don’t borrow ideas or content
from other sources without citing them.
 Here is a link on avoiding plagiarism:
Smile: For the last slide, import 3-4 pictures of all of your
group members working on this project.
Congratulations, your finished with the power point. Now it’s time to review
your work before saving the file and emailing it to
[email protected] ; make sure the subject states your
groupmembers first names only and your period.
Example Subject: Chris, Christy, Alicia, Elijah period 4
Check list
Each group member’s first and last name is on the first slide.
A minimum of 8 slides
A minimum of 4 sources
Visuals on most slides
A statement from each group member explaining why each source shown /chosen answers the
research question.
Correct MLA In-text citation for each source
A video must be one of your sources
One of your sources must be a chart, map, graph, etc.
One of your slides must be a Works Cited page
Pictures of the group working on the project on the last slide
Remember this is your project: You should be doing most/all of the work. The teacher is your
coach and will provide as much assistance as possible without doing the work for you.
Sample slide layout
Slide 1-Research Question and student names
Slide 2-thesis statement
Slide 3-Quote from 1st source with student explanations of relevancy of source
Slide 4 Paraphrase from 2nd source with student explanations of relevancy of
Slide 5-paraphrase from video source with student explanations of relevancy of
Slide 6-quotation from 4th source with student explanations of relevancy of source
Slide 7-works cited page that cites all 4 sources
Slide 8-pictures of students working on project
Create a script, storyboard, and 30 second PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, or PSA,
related in some way to your research question. YOUR PSA must be targeted towards
teenagers. (:30-1:00 in length)
Your PSA does not have to be about China or The Good Earth. It should just be related in
some way to your research question.
Example: If your research question was related to the environment, you might create a PSA on how
teens can conserve energy at home.
Script due:
Storyboard due:
PSA due:
There are two ways to turn the final video in
Choice # 1: Post video on YouTube and email Ms. Jackson the link
Choice # 2 bring a Quicktime file of your movie on a flashdrive
The best PSAs will be posted on our classwebsite and maybe screened for the
Centennial Student body.

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