DEX/DSD Workgroup Kickoff

DEX/DSD Technology Subgroup
Bluetooth Lab Test and Field Trial
September 24, 2012
• Background
• Approach to be Tested
• Lab Test and Field Trial Purpose
• Workgroup Responsibilities
• Participant Responsibilities
• Closing
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• Consumer Goods suppliers and Retailers are experiencing
challenges using DEX/UCS cables
• Size, weight, and cost of the cables
• Broken and lost cables
• Limited life of the DEX port connectors in retail stores
• Since DEX was originally developed new wireless
technologies have become available, offering advantages
• We have identified a path using a wireless Bluetooth
module that can be implemented in existing locations with
minimal changes to retailer and supplier systems
• The workgroup needs retailer, supplier and solution
provider participants for a Lab Test and Field Trial to
validate this alternative approach
Approach to be Tested
• Module that can be mounted on the wall in a retail store and
plugs into the existing DEX port
• Provides wireless Bluetooth connection for the CG
suppliers and no change for the retailer receiving systems
• Uses scanning a barcode for quick connection
• Can be unplugged to allow existing cables to also be used
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Bluetooth Plug-In Module DEX
DSD Delivery Driver
Ready to DEX
Plugs in Module
(if needed)
Scans Barcode
Connects with
Bluetooth Plug-In
Initiates DEX
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894 – Base Record
895 – Ack/Adj
Lab Test and Field Trial Purpose
• Verify the feasibility of using Bluetooth as an alternative for
cables in existing DEX installations
• Confirm CG suppliers using Bluetooth can co-exist with no
impact to those suppliers using DEX cables or retailers
• Evaluate the readiness and viability of available
components and processes
• Identify best methods for implementation and operation
• Find any issues that need to be addressed before
widespread adoption
• Stress test the system
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Workgroup Responsibilities
Workgroup will provide:
• Lab Test and Field Trial Plan, including documentation on the
components and changes that are needed
• Lab Test and Field Trial Schedule, once participating
companies are set
• Dedicated on-line forum for information, support and questions
during the Lab Test and Field Trial -
• Bluetooth Plug-In modules for retailers to use for the Lab Test
and Field Trial (Intermec)
• Participant feedback surveys
• Summary report after completion of the Field Trial
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Participant Responsibilities
• Identify individuals to participate and/or contact points
• Exercise the system and processes during the Lab Test and
Field Trial
• Post any comments, questions or issues during the Lab
Test or Field Trial using the DEX Forum
• Participate in quick interviews or surveys
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Retailer Specific Responsibilities
• Identify sites to be used during the Field Trial
• Temporarily mount and power the Bluetooth Plug-In module
in the Field Trial stores or give approval to do so
• Provide access to Field Trial sites
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CG Supplier Specific Responsibilities
• Identify the DSD routes that will DEX using Bluetooth at the
Field Trial sites
• Use DSD delivery systems that support the ability to
communicate using the Bluetooth Plug-In modules
– Expected changes are outlined in Appendix C of the
Bluetooth DEX Lab Test and Field Trial Plan
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Solution Provider Responsibilities
• Modify and make available application software and
testware that support the Bluetooth Plug-In module
• Provide additional support to the retailer and CG supplier
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• Using wireless Bluetooth for DEX will address problems
being experienced in the market today
• Our proposed approach requires few changes to existing
systems and minimal disruption
• We need to validate this alternative approach with a Lab
Test and Field Trial
• We will be there to support you!
• We appreciate your consideration and participation!
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