Breaking Down a Whole Pig the Salumiere Way

Francois Vecchio
Shoulder Section
Shoulder bone in, 4 ribs, spare ribs removed, with jowl.
Boning the neck.
Bone in, 4 rib shoulder, spareribs removed.
Boning the neck
Cutting the Coppa.
Removing the neck bone.
Exposing the blade bone.
Coppa, following the seem to the butt fat.
Removing the “nerve” from the Coppa.
Coppa, following the seem to the butt fat
Cutting off soft fat on the inside of the Coppa.
Whole Shoulder.
Belly section shows “flaps” to be lifted and
trimmed for Pork I.
Trimmed thinner edge of Coppa.
Beginning at the jowl, lifting and trimming the individual
Pealing and removing the membranes and soft fat
exposed to the muscles.
Lifting the thin muscle alongside the shoulder.
Denuded flap.
Lifted flap.
Removing the blade membrane from the upper muscle.
Skin opening
Cleaned top muscle
Exposing the median sinew.
Cushion exposed.
Inner sinew of the inner blade
Cutting out slavery glands from the jowl.
Cut for Guanciale.
Lifting the top muscle.
Cutting the Hock at the elbow.
Pulling the sinew to cut it.
Hock with elbow bone and sinew attached
Hock with elbow bone and sinew attached.
Center blade sinew.
Cushion upper sinew.
Pealing the sinew.
Clearing the tip of the elbow.
Reaching for the cushion mid sinew.
Removing the desinewed meat from the fat Jowl.
Cleaned meat.
Cleaned Jowl attached to shoulder ( Butt fat ).
Guanciale skin.
Guanciale cleaned of the glands.
Pork with sinew with 85% ( Pork II ).
50 /50 Trim.
Pork desinewed 95% ( Pork I).
Shank / Butt fat.
15/85% butt fat. Premium Salami
Butt fat.
Skins of Chicharones.
De-sinewed cushion
All 95% front.

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