Safety at Sea – 2014 Presentation

Safety at Sea Committee Meeting
US Sailing National Conference
Milwaukee, WI
Call the Meeting to Order; Minutes
Chuck Hawley
2014 Safety at Sea Seminar Summary
Ron Trossbach
Progress Coastal Seminars
Chuck Hawley
Distance Learning Opportunity
Chuck Hawley
Certification Book for Seminars
Chuck Hawley
Junior SAS Seminars
Rich du Moulin
Hanson Awards
Dan van Heekeren
Medical Issues
Garry Fischer
Reports on Sailing Incidents/Boating Fatalities Chuck Hawley
Agenda, Part Deux
Changes in Philosophy to the OSRs
Proposed Changes to the ISAF OSRs
SER adoption, NCORC
SER adoption, PNW
SER adoption, SoCal
SER adoption, Great Lakes
SER adoption, Newport Bermuda
SER changes for 2015
New Business
Motion for Adjournment
Renee Mehl
Renee Mehl
Chuck Hawley
Chris Tutmark
Bruce Brown
Matt Gallagher
Bjorn Johnson
Bjorn Johnson
Safety at Sea Seminar Participation
Safety at Sea Moderators
– Brian Adams, Bruce Brown, Rich du Moulin,
Chuck Hawley, Sheila McCurdy, Ralph Naranjo,
John Rousmaniere, Ron Trossbach
– Henry Marx
• Hands-On Moderators (3)
– Bruce Brown, Ralf Steitz, Dan O'Connor
2014 Seminars
Jan 12, 2014, Berkeley, CA. COASTAL seminar, Berkeley YC, 55 Attendees
Jan 25, 2014, Strictly Sail Chicago, COASTAL seminar Navy Pier, Chicago 40 Attendees
Feb 1, 2014, San Diego, CA, Standard seminar, San Diego, YC, 109 Attendees
Feb 8, 2014, Mystic, CT, COASTAL seminar, Landfall Navigation & Mystic Seaport, 149
Feb 15-16, 2014, Tiburon, CA, Standard & ISAF compliant seminars, San Francisco YC, 25
Feb 15, 2014, Strictly Sail Miami, FL, COASTAL seminar, Miami Marina, 24 Attendees
Feb 22-23, 2014, Bainbridge Island, WA, The Sailing Foundation at Bainbridge Island High
School 124 standard attendees 116 ISAF Compliant attendees
Feb 22, 2014, Newport News, VA, COASTAL seminar, Landfall Navigation & Virginia Mariner’s
Museum, Feb 22-23, 2014
Tiburon, CA, Standard & ISAF compliant seminars, San Francisco YC, 22 attendees
Mar 1, 2014, Corona Del Mar, CA, Standard seminar, Balboa YC, 25 attendees
Mar 15-16, 2014, Newport, RI
2014 Seminars
CCA Hyatt Regency Hotel , 312 standard attendees, 84 ISAF Compliant attendees
Mar 16, 2014, Santa Cruz, CA, COASTAL seminar, Santa Cruz YC, 53 attendees
Mar 29-30, 2014, Annapolis, MD, Marine Trades Assn. of MD at Naval Academy
preliminary 283 civilians & 250 midshipmen for standard 72 ISAF Compliant
Apr 5, 2014, Bronx, NY, Storm Trysail Foundation, NYYC and SUNY Maritime at
SUNY Maritime, 235 attendees
Apr 12, 2014, Chicago, IL, Chicago YC Standard seminar 88 attendees
April 13, 2014, Oakland, CA, COASTAL seminar Strictly Sail Pacific, 66 attendees,
May 18, 2014, Pacific Cup YC 121 attendees
June 18, 2014, Newport, RI, CCA 111 attendees
June 28,2014, Castine, ME, COASTAL Castine YC 26 attendees
July 11, 2014, Shelter Island, NY, COASTAL Shelter Island YC, 14 attendees
Coastal Seminars
Coastal Safety at Sea Seminars
• Intended for the coastal racer or cruiser
• Simplified so that more organizations can be
• 4+2 topics to suit local needs
– CG Search and Rescue
– Personal Safety Gear
– Man Overboard
– Emergency Communications
– Two “localized” topics, e.g. Hypothermia, Waves
Distance Learning
• Natural transition from Certification Series book
to modern delivery means
• Will use Medallion Systems online software
• Appeals to different learning styles
• Allows content to be updated readily
• Allows pre-delivery testing and challenging the
• Automatically records results in member’s record
Distance Learning Topics
• Six topics to begin with
– Weather
– Search and Rescue
– Emergency Communications
– Storm Sails
– Crew Health
– Drowning and Hypothermia
• Other OSR Section 6 topics to follow
• Other non-OSR topics eventually
The Plan for Distance Learning
Reduce time for ISAF cert to one day
Allow more time for hands-on in all seminars
Allow experienced sailors to challenge courses
Accommodate those who cannot easily attend
• Allow cost-effective recertification
2014 Junior SAS Seminars
Storm Trysail Foundation conducted eight Junior Safety-at-Sea Seminars
300 junior sailors
Topics include
Portsmouth, NH
Castine, ME; Boston, MA
Newport, RI
Perth Amboy, NJ
Stonington, CT
Shelter Island, NY
Larchmont, NY.
man overboard prevention and recovery
introduction to big boats safety equipment and practices
upwind and downwind sailing on big boats
winch use
reefing, and other skills
safety gear, flares
– Pre-Chicago Mac session with topics specific to the Chi-Mac Race.
Hanson Awards
• Transitioning from John Rousmaniere to Dan
van Heekeren
• Agreement with US Sailing to publish at least
one Hanson story per month
Sailing Incidents, Boating Safety
• No new incident reports, thankfully.
• Coast Guard BARD Data for 2013
Change from 2012
• Where cause of death was known, seventy-seven (77)
percent of fatal boating accident victims drowned. Of
those drowning victims with reported life jacket usage,
eighty-four (84) percent were not wearing a life jacket.
Sailors accounted for 3.4% of the
Changes in the
Offshore Special Regulations
Sub-committee headed by Will Apold
Removed recommendations
Moved to a spreadsheet format
Easy to use inspection checklists
Started with Category 2
Proposed Changes to the OSRs
• Purpose or Objective
To make it a requirement for a ship’s EPIRB to
include an internal GPS after 1/1/2015.
• US Sailing Position: Agree
Proposed Changes to the OSRs
ISAF Life Rafts
• Purpose or Objective
– To clarify the wording and start the phasing out of
the superseded ISAF life raft standard.
• US Sailing Position: Agree
Proposed Changes to the OSRs
VHF Antenna Length
• Purpose or Objective
– Add a minimum length, and therefore minimum
performance, for the required masthead VHF
• US Sailing Position: Agree
Proposed Changes to the OSRs
AIS Antennas
• Purpose or Objective
– The current rule implies that it is possible to have
both a VHF and an AIS antenna mounted at the
masthead. It isn’t.
– The current rule doesn’t require any minimum
level of AIS antenna performance or maximum
coax loss, so there is a perverse incentive to have
non-functional AIS antennas and coax.
• US Sailing Position: Agree
Proposed Changes to the OSRs
First Aid Certificates
• Purpose or Objective
– To require a First Aid certificate to be valid (within
the expiry date if given)
• US Sailing Position: Agree
Proposed Changes to the OSRs
Life Raft Servicing
• Purpose or Objective
– To review and clarify the wording of the life raft
servicing requirements and delete the concept of
• US Sailing Position: Agree
Proposed Changes to the OSRs
HMPE Life Lines
• Purpose or Objective
– To amend 3.14.6 following review by the working
party established in 2013 to review material
requirements as discussed in the attached paper
“ISAF OSR Lifelines 140919”
– (Do not allow HMPE life lines for Categories 1, 2)
• US Sailing Position: Agree
SER Adoption in the U.S.
• Northern California
Chuck Hawley
– Andy Newell and Michael Moradzedah, NCORC
• Southern California
Chuck Hawley
– Bill Gibbs, NOSA and ORCA
Great Lakes
Pacific Northwest
Newport Bermuda
Other areas?
Matt Gallagher
Chris Tutmark
Bjorn Johnson
SER Changes for 2015
• Extensive input from NCORC
• Formation of a Multihull sub-committee
– Bill Gibbs, Jim Antrim, Morrelli and/or Melvin?
Recommended SER Changes for 2015
• See spreadsheet.
New Business
• What SAS efforts would you like to be involved
• Are you interested in being a Coastal SAS
• What should focus on for 2015?
Motion to Adjourn
• See you next year!

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