Africa RISING comms preso

Africa RISING comms
Ewen Le Borgne (ILRI)
03 January 2014 - West Africa
Review & Planning meeting
What we do…
 Capture, publish, disseminate
 Engage with wide audiences
 Enrich learning, interaction and exchange
 Translate outputs into outcomes
 Help improve internal communication
(connecting teams)
Who we are
 WA: Agathe Diama (Mali) / Faith Afolabi (Ghana)
 ESA: Faith Afolabi (Malawi, Tanzania), Catherine
Njuguna (Tanzania & program level)
 ET : Simret Yasabu, Ewen Le Borgne
 Program level: Simret Yasabu, Peter Ballantyne &
Ewen Le Borgne, Catherine Njuguna, Faith Afolabi
Come to us for advice, stories, templates, photos,
presentations, travel plans, activity updates,
What we use
 Our website to publish stories and results
 Our wiki to cooperate internally
 Our Yammer to converse and share information
 Our CG Space collection to curate our outputs
 Slideshare and FlickR for presentations, posters
 Our Google calendar to display most important
events (wiki list of events for the full overview)
Our website
Where we share news, updates and announcements for the wider public
Our wiki
Where we collaborate, plan,
share documents in their
early stage, organize events,
report activities etc.
Our Yammer
Where we share
information and
Our collection of outputs on CG Space
Where we harvest and
curate final outputs /
Our presentations and posters on Slideshare
Where we share
presentations and posters
Our pictures on FlickR
Where we
share – and find
– photos and
Our Google calendar
Where you can see upcoming events
Our challenges…
 Align comms with research (plans and actions)
But we have comms plans
 Develop strong offline comms activities too
 Collect content / stories to let USAID and others
know what is going on
 Follow our branding guidelines (one identity!)
 Get all of us to share information (Yammer,
phone) to learn from and improve this program
Some gems you can find…
 The program framework
 All events (wiki / calendar) documented
 All templates (presentations, documents etc.)
 The history of the project
 Key contacts (and what they do)
 Overview of the regions (work in progress)
 Communication plans
 Branding guidelines
 And more to come… with your help?
Useful links
List of all the tools:
Our website:
Our wiki:
Our Yammer:
Our outputs on CG Space:
Our presentations on Slideshare:
Our pictures on FlickR:
Our calendar: or
Our YouTube Channel:
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