Victorian Era Games

Victorian Era Games
History of Victorian Games
Some board games that children played
during the Victorian era were already centuries
old. Examples of some of these popular board
games included Checkers, Chess, and
Backgammon. Many of these games were
introduced in the 1800s. They taught children
about geography, science, or history.
Some popular games, such as "Charades",
"Blind man's Bluff", and "Pin the Tail on the
Donkey", are still played today.
Who Played Games
Girls of the Victorian Era played games such as
Graces, a game where you tossed wooden throwing
rings onto catching sticks.
Victorian boys played games such as Bandy,
Shinny, and Curling, which all resembled modern day
Some people may have heard of the game Tiddly
Winks, but few people really know how this game was
played. Players used a disk called a "shooter" to flip
smaller disks, called "winks", into a cup that sat in the
middle of the playing area. The point of the game was
to be the first player to get all of their "winks" into
the cup. During the Victorian era, the game was
actually taken quite seriously, and players practiced
intensely during their spare time.
The most common marble game played was called
"Ring Taw". It's the same game that children play
today. A circle is made from string, or drawn on the
ground with chalk, or in the dirt. The marbles that
were placed inside the circle were called, “nibs". The
players sat outside the ring, and took a turn flicking a
large marble, called "the shooter", into the circle. The
goal was to knock other marbles out of the circle, and
each player got to keep the marbles that They
knocked out. The winner was the player with the most
One of the most common outdoor games for
both boys and girls during the Victorian era is
hoops and sticks. This game has been around for
thousands of years. It is known to have been
played by children during the ancient Egyptian
times. The child would move a hoop of wood by
hitting it with a stick to keep it rolling along as
the child ran alongside.
What Do You Want To Play???
Change Seats
 A circle of chairs is
formed around the room
 One person stand in the
middle of the chairs
 The people in the chairs
switch seats until the
player in the middle
steals one of their seats.
 Everyone leaves the
room except one person
and they find one thing
to hide.
 When everybody comes
back in they have to find
what they hid.
 If you spot the item, you
sit down.
 The last one to sit down
Now decide
what we should

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