112 Create a hair and beauty image

112 Create a hair and beauty image
Task A
Connect activity
Connect from the previous
Aims and outcomes
Introduce the learners to creative approaches, using
hair and beauty techniques, to develop, produce and
present a photographic image
Outcome learners will be able to plan and create a
photographic image.
Create a hair and beauty
You are going to be part of a photo shoot
You must plan your image before you create it. This means
looking for a lot of different images for inspiration
Some thoughts to get your mind thinking
click on the word
Geishas Girl
Christmas Elf
Army girl and boy
Source of information
Create a spider gram showing where you can source
information from example magazines, internet. This is all
parts of your plan
Research as many different sources as you
can. This will help you decide on what
your hair and beauty image will look like.
Start to collect and save pictures,
sketches and images that are linked to your
chosen image and theme.
Take a look through some magazines and see
how hair and beauty images are used.
Collect examples of ones you like.
Create a mood board
You must include the following
• Hairdressing skills
• Beauty techniques
• Nail designs
Recall and Review
• Have you completed your spider
• Have you completed your mood
Well done

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