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Eye Stye
What is an Eye Stye?
Looks like a small pimple like bump on the
Often has a yellow or white color to it.
Can be on one eyelid or both due to crossinfection.
Internal- on underside of lid, often swells and
will disappear soon but may leave a cyst.
External- small pimple next to eyelash then
turns into painful swelling for several days.
What an Eye Stye effects
An eye stye is an infection or
inflammation of the sweat gland on the
Signs of Eye Stye
A bump near the edge of the eyelid that is
red, swollen, hot, and very tender.
Contact a doctor if:
• The swelling does not subside within a few days
or seems to be getting worse
• You have pain in or around the eye
The blocking of an oil gland at the base of
an eyelash most commonly causes a stye
 Styes can be formed due to lack of sleep,
poor nutrition, bad hygiene, or rubbing of
the eyes.
A warm compress is the primary form of
treatment for a stye.
 If the stye worsens or does not begin to
heal within 48 hours of starting the warm
compress, a doctor should be contacted.
 Doctors can either prescribe ointment to
speed up healing or puncture with a needle
to speed up draining process.
 Never pop an eye stye by yourself, and
always keep it clean and speed up healing.
Worst Case Scenario
If left untreated, an eye stye should go away on
its own after 1 to 2 weeks.
If treated, the stye may disappear after as little
as four days.
Worst case, the stye can cause a cosmetic
deformity, corneal irritation, or require surgical
removal in few cases.
Eye sight can be impaired if the stye becomes
too large.
An infection of the eyelid may occur in rare
cases, and very rarely has the infection ever
spread throughout the body.
Eye Stye Facts
All ages of people can experience an eye
stye, but most often, they occur in teens.
 More women than men get eye styes due
to their makeup clogging an oil gland.
 Eye styes can be fatal if they turn into an
infection and spread throughout the body.
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