Satire Intro - ESM School District

As you watch and listen, write down 3-4
things you notice that characterize the
following video and audio clips
iphone 5s (parody and satire)
 John Stewart "Burn Notice“ (satire)
Weird Al "Amish Paradise“ (parody)
The Colbert Report "Common Core Confusion“
In your groups, look at the political cartoon
and the object. What do you notice?
Look for commonalities among all of your
Decide on a group definition of SATIRE. What
is it? What is it not? What techniques do
people use to create it?
Decide on a group definition of PARODY.
Definition of Satire:
Any work (TV, Movie, Short Story, Novel, Art, etc.) that uses wit or humor to critique or
criticize human behavior, human nature, and/or social institutions (i.e. laws, school,
government, religion, etc.). The point of satire is to change/modify its target (the thing it
Irony: the term used to describe the contrast between what appears to be and
what really is. Irony often highlights a gap between reality and our expectations or
Verbal irony: a mode of expression in which the author says one thing, but means the
Situational irony: an outcome of events that is contrary to what would normally be
expected/hoped for
Dramatic irony: events or facts not known to a character are known to another character
and the reader
Hyperbole: a figure of speech involving great exaggeration; the effect may be
satiric, sentimental, or comical
Understatement: a figure of speech that downplays something’s importance; the
opposite of hyperbole; the effect may be satiric, sentimental, or comical
Inversion: a reversal, or twisting of something; turning something into its opposite
Dark Humor: the use of humor to temper, or reduce the sadness or negativity of a
situation; dark humor is often ironic, and uses the irony to make a point
Parody-an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre
with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.
"the movie is a parody of the horror genre"
synonyms: satire, burlesque, lampoon, pastiche, caricature,
imitation, mockery
using humor to point
out weaknesses of
people and society
using humor to mock
or imitate a person or
usually sarcastic funny
(not so much ‘haha’)
‘haha’ funny
makes a serious point
often involves
Although satire is usually
meant to be funny, the
purpose of satire is not
primarily humor in itself so
much as an attack on
something of which the
author strongly
disapproves, using the
weapon of wit.
A work created to mock,
comment on, or poke fun
at an original work, its
subject, author, style, or
some other target, by
means of humorous, satiric
or ironic imitation
SNL: Justin Timberlake-Beyonce
Monty Python
Weird Al
Scary Movie series
Not Another Teen Movie
The Colbert Report
The Onion (
Animal Farm
Political cartoons

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