BTFA02 - Controller`s Office

The Florida State University Controller’s Office Presents:
Financial Reporting Tools
• OMNI Monthly Ledgers
• OBI Reports
• Queries
OMNI Monthly Ledgers
Official University ledgers
Generated monthly (static)
Navigation – Reporting Tools > Report Search Page
OMNI Monthly Ledgers
Departmental Ledger Summary
Excel format
Organized by Budgetary Account
Provides Budget, Encumbrance and Actual balances
Report name is not “Departmental Ledger Summary” on search
OMNI Monthly Ledgers
Departmental Detail Ledgers
PDF format
Six separate reports:
1. Department Cash Journal Report
2. Department Outstanding Encumbrances Report
3. Department Expense Journal Report
4. Department Liabilities Journal Report
5. Department Other Assets Journal Report
6. Department Revenue Journal Report
Two versions of each – organized by Department or by Project
Reports include all University departments
OBI Reporting
What is OBI?
• Oracle Business Intelligence – A web-based system that
provides reporting of OMNI information
• Data warehouse tool – A separate database for reporting &
• Database – A structured collection of records or data stored in a
computer system
• Data from certain tables in OMNI “production” database uploaded to
OBI warehouse each night (so data in OBI is generally one day old)
• Numerous reports available
• On demand
• Includes OBI versions of OMNI Departmental Ledgers
• Can run reports for current period (unlike OMNI)
• Link to OBI from OMNI Portal Page
OBI Reporting
Departmental Ledgers
Just like OMNI Ledgers but can be run for the current period on an
on-demand basis
Six versions available
• Auxiliary (AUX)
• E&G (EG)
• Carryforward (CF)
• Sponsored Projects (CG)
• Cost Share (CS)
• Capital Projects (CAP)
Detail and Summary Ledgers
Detail Ledgers include all transaction types
Users are able to save search settings
OBI Reporting
Transaction Details Report
Same data as Departmental Detailed Ledgers
Downloadable to Excel
Ideal for electronic General Ledger reconciliations
Searchable at Optional Chartfield level
Separate report by transaction type (just like OMNI Detail Ledgers)
Customization Options
OBI Reporting
Trend Ledger Report
• Revenue and Expense Totals
• As of Accounting Period entered
• Two types of reports
• 3 Year Trend Ledger
• Report of totals through the period run compared to the totals from
the prior two fiscal years (through the same period)
• Excellent tool for management
• Month Trend Ledger
• Includes monthly totals for the fiscal year, through the period
• Excellent tool for ledger reconciliations to spot large changes in
accounts, atypical/unusual balances, items obviously coded to
inappropriate accounts, etc.
OBI Reporting
• Other Useful OBI Reports
• Available Balance – Budgetary report
• HR-GL Detail – A detail of payroll transactions by Pay Period or
Journal ID
• OMNI Security
• A detail of OMNI security roles by Department and/or Employee
• Good tool for departments to use to help ensure sound internal controls
• Online Tutorials available on OMNI Training site
• OBI Analysis allows user to create and save their own OBI
• A query is an “ad hoc” request of information from a database
• Ad hoc – Literally = “for this”
• Unlike “canned” reports in OMNI/OBI, queries can be created to pull
any specific, customized information required by the user
• OMNI has two separate databases
• Financials
• Human Resources
• Every time a transaction is entered on the front end of OMNI,
that data is stored in a table in one of these databases
• Queries allow those users with proper security to directly
access the data in these tables based on the criteria entered
Which queries should I use?
Controller’s Office’s Departmental queries
• Categorized by area
• Complete listing available on Controller’s Office website
Other central offices’ query listings
• Purchasing
• Sponsored Research – SRAS folder in Query Viewer
• Human Resources
If none of these queries provide the information you need, contact
the appropriate central office
How do I run a query?
Query Viewer tool in OMNI
Navigation: Reporting Tools > Query Viewer
Tutorials available
Reporting Tool Pros & Cons
Reporting Tool
OMNI Ledgers
OBI Ledgers
Not always available
Report format
Detail Ledgers
Always available
Detail reports
Not totally “live”
Live/Up to date
Not in report format
Which one?
Contact Information
Lauren Barrett– Quality Assurance
• [email protected]
• 645-8611
Paul Harlacher – University Business Administrators
• [email protected]
• 644-6972
Slides available at:

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