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and timely reporting
Travelport Booking Feed Overview
BIG DATA reporting feed
What is it?
Who is it for?
A real-time pre- and post-trip data feed
3rd party developers with innovative product ideas
In-house developers responsible for agency reporting tools
3rd party developers: explore new business opportunities
How can it help you?
In-house developers: Create customized reporting
solutions to help your organization improve business
Booking Feed - General Availability
BIG DATA reporting feed
What cores?
Where is it available?
Currently available on the Galileo & Apollo core systems. Also
works with Smartpoint, Universal Desktop.
The good news is that there is no major restriction for when it
comes to the data.
There are essentially two options.
Option A: If you have access to Galileo and/or Apollo then you
can build your own PNR’s and create the data required.
Option B: If you don’t have the Galileo and/or Apollo GDS then
don’t worry PNR Generator is available! (slide 5 for further
Booking Feed - General Availability
Currently available in 91 countries and EXPANDING!
• Promote your business,
products and services to
over 67,000 travel agents
• Designed for 3rd party
developers, Travelport
Developer Network
provides full access to
key resources, dedicated
help and support and an
entry in the Travelport
Developer Directory.
Resources – New PNR Generator NOW AVAILABLE!
Don’t have enough data?
Don’t worry we have the
perfect tool available.
Option A:
If you know GDS formats, then
you can use our PNR Generator
that builds the PNRs for you into
your own Travelport Booking
Feed database. Not just limited
to air, but any Galileo formats!
Option B:
Let us take the stress and build
the relevant PNRs for you and
provide you with the relevant
SQL tables/XML files.
Other resources include:
 XML Schema
 Support Documentation
 Code Samples
 Workflows
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