The Music Box Bridgewater Hall Powerpoint1

The Music Box
Performed by: Ludworth Primary, Woodheys, Seymour Grove &
Briscoe Lane
The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
The contrast in dynamics
were very impressive. It
suddenly went from quiet
to very loud!
Beth C
We watched the Bergen
Philharmonic at the Bridgewater
Hall. We listened to the story of
Peer Gynt. It was the first time I had
seen an orchestra!
Alice D
I liked watching how
the different
instruments were
playing at different
Alice J
We went to watch the Bergen
Philharmonic Orchestra perform
‘Hall of The Mountain King’ at
the Bridge Water Hall.
The Hall of The
Mountain King
‘Hall of the Mountain King’ was written by Peer Gynt. He was a
composer from Norway.
We went to the Bridgewater Hall
for music workshops. We took
part in lots of musical activities.
We discovered which rooms had
the best echo and even went
under ground ! Some of us got to
play the grand organ.
My favourite part
was looking at the
fossils in the Bridge
Water Hall. They
were very
impressive. One
looked like a baked
bean! Theo S
I really enjoyed exploring the undercroft because it was
inspiring and eerie. It inspired me to create my own monster
that might live underneath the Bridge Water Hall called
Skuttles! Zoe S
A Fossil
The Organ!
Our trip to the Bridge Water
Hall inspired us to create a
story about monsters who live
underneath the concert Hall.
The monsters come alive when
two children move into a new
house and discover a music
box in an empty room.
The music box has been cursed
by a wicked witch. After the
children turn the handle,
terrifying creatures emerge
from the box!
We created our
own monster called
Professor Lime Fire.
I liked creating Professor
Lime fire. I created his
body which was spiky
and multi coloured!
Theo J
This is our own monster and my group designed
his heads. Because his heads are red and green,
we decided to call him Professor Lime fire.
Sofia S
I enjoyed the workshops
in school with Chloe and
Eve. I learnt al about
music and wrote a song
with lyrics called
Professor Lime Fire.
Kathryn B

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