Christmas traditions of Slovak

Slovak Christmas Traditions
Christmas Eve in Slovakia
 We celebrate Christmas on 24th of December.
 Christmas Eve is preceded by four advent Sundays.
 At Christmas Eve we keep a lot of traditions.
 Ježiško brings us presents after Christmas dinner.
 Slovak Christmas are full of symbols.
 Most people in Slovakia are Christians, therefore we have a lot of
Christian traditions.
Preparations for Christmas
 We decorate Christmas tree with our parents, we use figures made
of gingerbreads, walnuts and sparklers. It is really funny.
All homes must be clean and sweet-smelling.
 Moms with their daughters bake a lot of cakes and they cook
Christmas dinner.
 Fairy tales are typical for Christmas time. The most popular among
children are: Mrázik, Perinbaba, Vianočné oblátky, Rysavá jalovica, Tri
oriešky pre Popolušku.
Traditional Dishes
 Our Christmas dinner is the best of the year.
 We usually pray before Christmas dinner.
 Dinner starts with wafers. Every family member should eat one
wafer with honey or garlic. Wafer is the symbol of the body of
 Next we eat kapustnica (it is cabbage soup) and fish with potato
 Then we eat opekance with ground poppy seeds and lots of
Christmas sweets and cakes.
Christmas Traditions
 A burning candle is a symbol of Christmas.
We cut an apple for every member of our family for luck.
Nobody must leave the table during dinner!
 We put an extra plate on the table for our close relatives who died.
 We put money under the tablecloth. It means a lot of money for all
next year.
We keep a scale of a carp for luck.
Traditional Carols
 Tichá noc
 Poďme bratia do Betlema
 Každý deň budú vraj Vianoce

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