"How to" Power Point Slides

“To give people the power to share and make the
world more open and connected.”
How YOU can use it for ESA: Spread
the word of ESA through sharing.
 Share links and statuses from the ESA Facebook pages
 Share statuses from St. Jude about ESA
 Share events
 Share what you’re doing with ESA
 Share photos and videos on your wall and ours
 Connect others to ESA!
Sign Up:
1. Go to www.facebook.com
2. Under “Sign Up”, type in your first & last name, email, and
password of your choice. Also select your gender, and
month, day, and year of your birthday. Then click “sign
After filling out all of the
above, click “Sign Up”
3. Check your email account for an email from
Facebook to complete the sign-up process.
Click the link or
“Complete Sign-up”
4. Follow the prompts for the next three steps or click
“Skip this Step” to come back to those pages later.
Like ESA & St. Jude
1. “Like” ESA. Type “Epsilon Sigma Alpha” into the
search bar, located at the top of the page, click on the
community and collegiate page from the drop down
Then click “Like”
Share your ESA story
2. “Like” St. Jude. The same process you used to “like”
ESA’s Facebook pages, except type in “St. Jude” into
the search bar.
Click “Like”
Utilize ESA’s Facebook Pages
Upload photos from your ESA events to ESA’s Facebook
Share your story
Spread news of your event
Link to websites, such as ESA and St. Jude
Create an Event
1. Click “Create an Event” at the top, right hand side
of your screen
2. In the box that appears, fill in the following:
Click “Create” when
you are done
3. Utilize the map feature
in the “where” section.
4. Link back to the ESA and/or St. Jude website in the
details section of the event.
5. Invite friends to your event by clicking the “Invite
Friends” link at the bottom of the “Create New
Event” box. Check the box next to the person’s
name you would like to invite.
How to create a successful event
on Facebook
 Include information about both ESA and St. Jude
 Invite both ESA and Non-ESA friends
 Allow all members in your chapter to invite their
friends on Facebook (by making them administrators)
 Keep updating information and reminding people of
the event
Sample Status(s)
Share your chapter/council news through your own
Facebook page and spread the word of ESA!
Epsilon Sigma Alpha Pages in
Check out Colorado State Council’s own Facebook page
Also check out Northern Colorado Council’s Facebook
page here:

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