George Washington High School
Instrumental Music Program
Parent Commitment
• Support your child!
• Rent/purchase equipment as needed
– Contact music teacher if there is a financial issue
• Arrange for your child to be at school for all
afterschool rehearsals
• Attend performances
Student Commitment
• Maintain a B or better average in academic
classes so you can be excused
• Come prepared for lessons and practices
• Attend all after school practices
– Exception: Documented illness
• Practice at least 30 minutes per day
School Commitment
• Lessons
– absence from class permitted without penalty for
students with B or better average
– No charge for lessons
• Instruments
– Some larger instruments available to borrow
(personal mouthpiece needed)
– Discounts at local music stores for rental/purchase
• Teachers and Aides
Parent Commitment (Continued)
• Participate in “Parents of Musicians” activities
– Sell tickets
– Snack sales at musical performance events
– Fundraising activities to help defer costs of
– Road crew when needed
– Supervisory assistance when traveling
Looking forward to a wonderfully
musical year!
• Class – credit
– Introduction to Music
– AP Music
– Concert Band
• Lessons
One per week
Attendance required
Rotating schedule
30 min per night of
• Bands
Concert (credit)
Woodwind Ensemble
Drum and Bugle Corp
Brass Quartet
• Orchestra
– Symphony
– String Quartet

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