What is your favorite place?

What is your favorite place?
Descriptive and Explanatory
Explanatory Paragraphs
• We have practiced writing descriptive
paragraphs, now let me remind you of what an
explanatory paragraph does:
-It explains a concept, or event
-It uses examples, details, and stories
to explain your topic
The Assignment
• During this class period, you will write one
descriptive and one explanatory paragraph
about your favorite place. That’s 2 paragraphs.
• Each paragraph must be at least 5 sentences
• Focus on: details, topic sentences, concluding
sentences, and linking words
• If you do not finish in class, please take it home
for homework due tomorrow
Points to Focus On…
First Paragraph: Descriptive
Second Paragraph: Explanatory
• Think about the following
questions as your write your
first paragraph:
• Where is your fav. place?
• What does it look like?
• What are the smells that
remind you of that place?
• What are the sounds your hear
when you are in that place?
• What tastes remind you of that
• What textures are in that
• Think about the following
questions as you write your
second paragraph:
• Why is it your favorite place?
• What kind of feelings do you
get when you are there?
• What is a short story about a
time when you were in your
favorite place?
• Do you share your favorite
place with anyone else? Why?
Or why not?

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