Older Adult Portfolio Initiative

City of Mississauga
Older Adult
Presented by Lorena Smith,
Community Development Coordinator, Older Adult
April 25, 2014
Mississauga Aging Demographics
Approximately 300,000 residents will
be 55 years and older by 2031
Population growth forecasts for the next
20 years indicate that Mississauga
will experience a demographic shift
where the proportion of residents
55 years and older will increase from approximately 20% to 38%
2011 Census figures indicate a 24% increase in residents 65 and older
since 2006
Mississauga… a city growing up
• Total population 756,590
• Population under 10 has declined since 2001
• Median age increased to 38.5 (provincial average 40.4)
• Greatest proportionate growth in the 55-64 cohort
(baby boomers)
Source- 2014 Future Directions
35-54 years
55-64 years
390,350 (51%)
Mississauga… a city growing up
Next 20 years indicate a demographic shift where the
proportion of residents 55 years and older will increase
from 20% to 38%
According to our research, the new senior will:
• Have disposable income
• Be working later in life-balanced to suit personal and
leisure interests
• Live longer but not necessarily healthier
• Pursue active activities, community volunteerism and
give back if asked
• Be reflective of the diversity in the community (gender,
ethno-cultural, person’s with disability, LGBTQ)
• Have more and sometimes competing demands with
other users and uses
• Still expect discounts and free services as an age
based entitlement
Older Adult Plan:
• Council approved in 2009
• Vision for Mississauga:
“As an age friendly city, older adults in Mississauga
will lead purposeful and active lives, will live in their
community with dignity, integrity and independence,
and will experience a diverse range of lifestyle
opportunities to pursue their personal interests”
Older Adult Plan
Plan includes 10 principles, 32 goals and actions to address themes
identified through research, promising practice review and consultation:
• Aging in place requires: transportation, accessible facilities, community
connections, volunteerism
• Affordable & Sustainable services: Moving toward an ability-to-pay
• Partnerships & Collaboration: Working with our local health, regional,
social service & inter-departmental partners to provide holistic services
without duplication
• Effective governance and policy: Creating the right tables to advance
local policy, service reviews and space allocation practices
• Capital investments: Roads, sidewalks, park redevelopment,
streetscapes, community facilities-older adult lens applied
• Service Plans: Responsive to the diversity of older adults (ages, abilities,
interests, cultural, etc…)
Did you know…….2013 facts
• 53 older adult groups with a total of 4,800 members meet across
the City at 11 community centres offering a variety of activities to
older adults.
• 446 volunteers of these groups contribute approximately 29,000
volunteer hours annually.
• 651 programs were offered across18 community libraries with
almost 5,451 participants. Types of programs offered included
Intergenerational Computer Buddies programs at 18 libraries
and various informative topic sessions for older adults such as
financial planning for retirement, health and wellness, leisure
activities, social and book clubs.
Did you know…….2013 facts
• 10,000 activities occurred using 24,000 hours of community
centre space in 2013.
• Mississauga Seniors’ Centre – Approximately 122 volunteers
contribute more than 15,801 volunteer hours to their community
• The city received one-time EPC funding totalling $59,100 for
special projects directed to training sessions for community
centre staff and older adult group members and program
equipment for Square One Older Adult Centre.
Overview of Older Adult Activities /Programs
• The City received Elderly Persons Centre (EPC) base
funding grants from the Ontario Senior Secretariat in the
amount of $219,300. The EPC grant was distributed to
seven community centres and allocated to support the
delivery of quality, age friendly activities.
• Self managed space like the Square One Older Adult
Centre is a best practice, 1800 members
• Mississauga Seniors Centre, is a city run facility dedicated
to Older Adult use, 1250 members
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Older Adult Advisory Panel
• December 4, 2013, General Council endorsed the
implementation of the OAAP
• Will be a Non Political panel
• 5 key staff representing divisions, 11 community
older adults
• City wide recruit for community members began
January 28, 2014, ended February 28, 2014
• Currently in the selection process, 32 applicants
• Inaugural meeting – second quarter 2014
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Older Adult Advisory Panel continued…
• Key focus areas for the panel include;
 Assist with the process of preparing the City of
Mississauga, WHO Age Friendly City application
 Lead the planning for an annual Older Adult Educational
 Assist with the planning and facilitating of events for
Seniors Month in June each year
 Establish a two year work plan by end of 2014
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Pursue and achieve
the designation of an
Age Friendly City
• Many of the Older Adult
Plan recommendations
support the 8 topic
• Involvement of the
Older Adult Advisory
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Develop and implement training and tools for recreation
staff and older adult club/group leaders, focusing on
communication, relationship building and guidelines &
processes for older adult clubs/groups using city
• The Two days of Awesome: Learning and working
together training sessions were held in November and
December 2013
• 120 recreation staff members attended
• 30 Older adult group leaders attended
• More training will be rolled out in 2014 based on evaluation
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Establish Community Centre Older Adult Committees
• Leaders of older adult group and community centre staff at
each of the community centres
Committees will foster an overall understanding of the
needs of all users and groups at the centre and create a
forum for more focused communication regarding
programming and space requirements
• A vehicle for two way communication with the OAAP
• Terms of reference for this committee has been drafted
• Pilot three Community Centre sites by end of 2014
• Implementation of committees at all community centres by
end of 2015.
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• As part of the community group policy
review, develop an older adult group registry
• Outline to include definition of group
• Criteria of conditions of registry
• Responsibilities of both parties
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• A city wide older adult space utilization
strategy will be developed;
• Current and future space used by
older adults
• Room rates and program fees
• Service delivery models to consider
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Older Adult Website – new look
Easier access to site
Older adult group and community centre information
Timely Older Adult Portfolio Updates, the go to place
Links to informative websites and resources for Older Adult
• ACTIVEmississauga Older Adult Section–
new look
• For the Fall/Winter 2014 edition – new content, listing of all
community groups, information on Older Adult
• Continued improvements and changes as this section will be a
stand alone document once the ACTIVEmississauga brochure,
hard copy is phased out in 2016.
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
In collaboration with Sponsorship and
Grants create a plan for ongoing financial
support for older adult initiatives and events
Develop a fund through corporate sponsorships
that would support city run older adult events or
Pursue additional grants and funding
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Develop a funding strategy to ensure
services are sustainable
Review of current room rates & fees applicable to Older
Consideration of a possible city wide membership
Consideration of building a LOB for registered programs
such as pickle ball, badminton, etc.
Review current older adult group fees and memberships
and begin discussions for the possibility of city wide
consistent fees
Review of EPC base grants, eligibility, etc. and work plan for
ongoing applications for EPC special grants.
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Financial
• Accountable for the MOH Elderly Persons Centres
(EPC) Grants
• 8 Centres receive annual base funding $219,000
• Additional special grants request for each of the grants
for up to $15,000 annually
• Working with Community Centre Liaisons, develop
and maintain a list of items, equipment, training, etc.
that are required by the Older Adult Groups
New Horizons Grants
$20,000 grant for Lifelong Learning Mississauga, start up
grant ending March 31, 2014
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario
• $4,000 – IT FAIR – was held February 25, 2014 in
partnership with Peel Senior Link and ETAG
• Senior Community Grants
Applied for a municipal grant for the June 19th
Appreciation and OAAP Kick off event
Collaborated with 4 older adult groups for funding for the
establishment of 4 Older Adult Community Centre
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Collaborating with Youth Portfolio and Libraries pursue intergenerational programming
opportunities at city facilities, i.e. computer
buddies, Miway buddies
• Older Adult CD Coordinator is the Staff Liaison
for Square One Older Adult Centre, Lifelong
Learning Mississauga & Mississauga Senior
Older Adult Portfolio Initiatives
• Create the discussion for services provided at
community centres that would promote
“holistic” “basket of services” for older adults
• Pursue partnership and funding opportunities
for frailer/disabled older adult residents
• Review current operation of Mississauga
Seniors Centre and make recommendations
for future operation models
Thank you
Contact information
Lorena Smith
Community Development Coordinator,
Older Adult
[email protected]
905 615-3200, x 3718

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