CSEC - Portland State University

The Commercial Sexual
Exploitation of Children (CSEC)
Alisha K. Morton
Portland State University
Capstone Presentation
June 15, 2013
What is CSEC?
...a commercial sex act induced by force, fraud,
or coercion, or in which the person induced
to perform such an act has not attained 18
years of age.
(TVPA, 2000)
The Facts
200-300 thousand children are victims to CSEC in the
U.S. per year
Average age of initiation into CSEC is 12-14
1 out of every 3 runaways will be approached by an
exploiter within 48 hours of leaving home
Recruitment of children takes place in urban, suburban
and rural areas
Portland is a destination spot for traffickers along the I5 corridor
Portland has the highest number of adult entertainment
establishments per capita than any other city in the U.S.
Why this project?
CSEC is happening in our community and it
is thriving!
Bringing awareness to the issue is the first
step in combating this crime
My personal passion of
empowering girls and young
women to believe in themselves
and their self-worth
Project Process
Extensive literature review
Interviewed 5 local professionals working in
the CSEC arena
Interviewed a former Portland CSEC victim
Review of the Literature
Some information by support organizations
but not much literature on CSEC focused on
the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland
and its surrounding counties
The need for a comprehensive reference
guide for public sector employees focusing
on Multnomah, Marion and Lane counties.
Interview Results
Majority are victims of sexual abuse prior to entering
the sex trafficking world
Experienced repeated trauma-rape, beatings,
psychological abuse, starvation, forced drug use
High rate of STD/HIV
Low self-esteem and self-worth
Children/teens/women of
sex trafficking are victims
Interview Results (cont)
Gang affiliated
Physical marking-tattoos
Nice clothes/accessories but no employment
More comprehensive resources for victims
Educating our youth
The creation of a CSEC Reference Guide
1. Victims
2. Traffickers
3. The demand/buyers
4. What Can We Do?
5. Resources
The Next Step
Currently working with Multnomah County
Dept. of Community Justice in publishing up
to 500 copies and posting on the county
Lane County Child Welfare hopes to include
the CSEC Reference Guide as a tool in
serving the affected population in their
Possible training tool and deliverable to
other counties in Oregon
The Leadership Implications
1. Leverage my leadership skills to make a
difference in something I am passionate
2. Experienced first hand the benefit of
relationship building and collaboration in
working towards a common goal.
3. I have proven to myself that I have the
ability to lead from where I sit.
My fellow cohort members-special thanks to
Lynn, Bridget, Kevin and Ted too.
Dr. Nishishiba-the best advisor!
Dr. Morgan-for encouraging me to stay in
the program when I didn’t think I could do it
I couldn't have done it without my better
half, Ron
My boys-Griffin and Conner
My family

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