A social platform for deep learning (Nelson Gonzalez) [PDF 6MB

A Social Platform for Deep Learning
Briefing to the South Australia Department for
Education and Child Development
6 February 2013
This document contains projections, plans, estimates and other information with respect to future results, activities and events (collectively, “Projections”). The Projections are subject to significant
business, economic and competitive factors, and contingencies, many of which are beyond our control, and, therefore, are not necessarily indicative of current values or future performance, which
may be significantly less favorable than as set forth in such Projections, and should not be regarded as representations or a guaranty that they will be achieved
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Executive Summary
Success in the 21st Century requires Deep Learning Skills: Rigorous content
knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge through critical thinking,
complex problem solving, communication, collaboration, and self-directed
Demand for these general capabilities is growing as governments, communities, and
business redefine their innovation, competitiveness, and equity strategies.
Delivery, assessment, and accreditation of deep learning skills are untapped
opportunities with potential for both financial return and broad social impact.
• Declara is a scalable and modular platform that provides on-demand, data-driven,
personalized deep learning-as-a-service
• Declara serves those seeking to deliver deep learning: Education companies,
Learning Organizations, and Governments
• Declara, built by a team of proven learning and technology leaders, is uniquely
positioned to capture this global opportunity through its integration of advanced
artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and mobile social technology
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Declara addresses key pain points in the learning pipeline
How can I
develop the skills
to succeed in the
Formal and
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Where do I find
tools to facilitate
and assess 21st
century skills
among my
Orgs and
How do I
needs, and
integrate diverse
data sets?
and Nations
Declara is an end-to-end could SaaS social learning platform
Rich media learning apps
integrated into mobile social
network for challenge-based
Private zones facilitate
personalized deep learning
Apps and APIs power predictive
analytics, business intelligence
and badging
Next-gen data architecture
enables learner-centered realtime big data analytics
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Declara’s platform architecture leverages mobile, social, and big data
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Declara’s mobile apps enable learning anytime, anywhere
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Declara personalizes learning through innovative assessment
Q: How can I develop 21st century skills? A: Declara apps and assessments guide my learning journey.
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Declara enables companies/organizations to leapfrog
Q: How can we facilitate and assess 21st century skills in our employees? A: Declara forums and badges.
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Declara provides governments advanced analytics
Q: How do I measure progress, forecast needs, and integrate data? A: Declara predictive analytics.
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Social ePortfolios
Global Impact
Language Arts
Forum: Challenges for
Students Around the Global
Water Crisis
Linda Gutierrez
Social Studies
Confidential and Proprietary
World History
Earth Sciences
Collaborative content creation
Linking Poverty and the Global Water Crisis for Level 7s
Hi Linda! I love this challenge – we did a similar thing with
hunger and food shortage last year.
Patrick Welsh
Kelly Lynch
My students were really interested in the link between the
water crisis and poverty– message me for some content
I’d love to see what you end up using – please message me
Elena Olzark for my contact info!
Check out this link for some great lesson plan ideas
Elena Olzark
You should check out the forum on drought and famine
from last year – tons of great content!
Linda Guitterez
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Trend analysis
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Example of cross-curriculum priority ePortfolio
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Example of cross-curriculum priority ePortfolio
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Example of cross-curriculum priority ePortfolio
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Global crowdsourcing and mentoring
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CognitiveGraph will define the future of personalized deep learning
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Australia: Declara helps teachers drive deep learning
through new national curriculum
Create collaboration platform for teachers to solve problems of practice around
implementation deep learning
Forums and analytics on Declara Platform
Phase 1: 7k teachers, phase 2: 500k teachers
• Education Services Australia supports
the entire nation’s technology and
training needs
• Together with ACARA and AITSL – the
two other leading national education
agencies – they have outlined a wholecountry, multi-year engagement
• Phase one launches in Feb 2013
Predictive Tools
Learning Analytics
Social Learning
Confidential and Proprietary
Declara enables challenge-based learning labs
for teachers and students across the country
Develop learning labs to foster deep learning
Declara Platform, Mobile Learning Apps and Badging Assessment Tools
Phase 1: 100 teachers/3k students; Phase 2: 700 teachers, 20k students
Platform Build
Recurring Revenue
Confidential and Proprietary
Implementation and
Client Acquisition
• Televisa controls 70% of Mexico’s airways
• Declara will be used as a teacher
professional development and badging
• Declara’s functionality is being
implemented with little/no customization
in diverse settings, reducing
implementation costs
Latin America: Declara delivers UNESCO ICT Competency Framework
for Teachers
Moving from basic IT skills to knowledge application and knowledge creation
Declara private and public social networks for training, analytics for assessment
26 million teachers
Confidential and Proprietary
Declara facilitates challenge based
learning and district-wide analytics
Create personalized deep learning and appropriate systemic analytics
Declara Platform, Mobile Learning Apps, Badging Assessment Tools, Analytics
Four districts, 120k students
Four districts in WI (including Milwaukee) will use Declara to facilitate challenge-based learning
and professional development. The project will expand to up to 37 additional districts, as well
as the state office.
By engaging every level of the Wisconsin school system – state, district and school – Declara is
able to track 12 year learner profiles and data for students. Engaging the platform at every
level results in multiple revenue streams and a constantly refreshing body of users producing
recurring revenue.
view of
Confidential and Proprietary
Apps and tools for Challenge Based
Our team has created, led, and worked in the most innovative institutions
in the world
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Our Executive Management Team brings deep industry experience
Ramona Pierson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
With training in both neuroscience and artificial intelligence, Ramona Pierson brings deep experience in building
businesses and leading tech innovation in the PK-20 education and technology and neuroscience verticals.
Her career began as a neuroscientist at the Palo Alto Brain Center, and VA hospitals, which led to her advocating
for students with learning challenges in the public school systems. She developed algorithms for the military, and
tools for diagnostics and surgery. Her innovative work with education spurred her to develop enterprise level
software solutions for data, assessment, and communication systems specifically for education. In 2005, she
developed The Source, an online data warehouse and learning management system is still the solution Seattle
Public Schools uses to provide parents, educators and students access to pertinent data, learning solutions, and
was a first generation social learning solution designed specifically for students and educators.
In 2007, she founded and built SynapticMash to be a national solution for end to end learning solutions for
districts and states. SynapticMash’s platform along with McGraw Hills’ content provided the first automated
personalized learning solution leveraging learning progressions and adjusting modality of learning and content
based on a learner’s needs at scale in a product ultimately called, Power of U (precursor to Knewton). Ramona
grew SynapticMash to a successful sale that resulted in the platform becoming part of the Promethean global
solutions. Ramona provided leadership as the Chief Science Officer for Promethean for nearly two years, guiding
Promethean’s transition from a strictly being a hardware company to becoming a software solution for education.
SynapticMash, now called ActiveProgress, is now the central strategic product for Promethean.
Ramona has been involved with building interoperability and data standards with other global technology leaders
such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to enable personalization of learning to students at scale. Ramona is also
actively involved in developing the national levels strategies for personalization of learning at scale. Ramona also
founded Learning without Borders, which provides technology and training to educators and learners since 2004.
Ramona has been a thought leader in the United States and around the world in the area of personalization of
learning. She has been a leader in the international community providing insights and guidance for international
ministries interested in transforming education to meet the demands required in a global market economy. As a
Ted and Tedx speaker, Ramona has achieved global recognition as a thought leader for learning.
Confidential and Proprietary
Our Executive Management Team brings deep industry experience
Nelson González, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Nelson González brings 20 years of experience, across 17 countries, in entrepreneurship, strategy, media, and
As an entrepreneur, Nelson founded and was CEO of Advent Strategy Group, a global innovation strategy firm
that won more than $1m in business its first year. He designed the investment portfolio of the Stupski
Foundation, a social impact investor, from the ground-up to become a national leader in education innovation.
He was also the Founder and Director of the Royal Institution World Science Assembly, which led
breakthroughs in pandemic preparedness and surveillance with global pharma and multilateral institutions.
As a strategist, Nelson has developed and implemented system-wide solutions for the Presidency of Colombia
and the CEO of Burberry on innovation practices and infrastructures. He also developed the social impact
portfolios for Charles and Helen Schwab, Mo Ibrahim, Larry and Joyce Stupski, Walter and Elise Haas, and
John Sobrato.
As a media professional, Nelson worked with CelTel, the largest cell phone provide in Africa, the BBC on its
global trans-media strategy, the Markle Foundation on uses of IT in health, education, and governance; and
with the Gannett corporation on its international expansion and trans-media strategy.
As an education expert, Nelson advises EOCD on its Global Innovative Learning Environments work and sits
on the Board of the New York City InnovationZone. Nelson created a seven-state Innovation Lab Network with
the Council of Chief State School Officers. He also worked with the University of Oxford on higher education
innovation and on intelligence and military learning with Booz Allen. Nelson has studied and done research at
Amherst, Oxford, LSE, NYU, Columbia, Leuven, and UC Berkeley.
As a founder of Declara, Nelson is integrating all of these experiences to help the team with strategy,
partnerships, and business development.
Confidential and Proprietary
Our Executive Management Team brings deep industry experience
Debra Chrapaty, Board of Director & Acting Chief Operations Officer
An accomplished, visionary technology executive with extensive experience in web-based service delivery,
infrastructure development, and client relationship management initiatives for small enterprise and large-scale
organizations. Debra is currently serving as CIO of Zynga.
Ms. Chrapaty, an industry veteran, was previously the senior vice president for the Collaboration Software
group at Cisco, and prior to that she served as Corporate Vice President of Global Foundation Services at
Microsoft Corporation, where she was responsible for strategy and delivery of the foundational platform for
Microsoft Live, Cloud and Online Services worldwide including physical infrastructure, security, operational
management, global delivery and environmental considerations. Ms. Chrapaty also served as President and
Chief Operating Officer of E-Trade Technologies, where she was responsible for all aspects of the information
technology and telecommunications infrastructure for the leader in online investing.
Ms. Chrapaty has previously served as a Board Director for SynapticMash, LLC. She serves as a Member of
Advisory Board at Sapias Inc. Ms. Chrapaty served in a variety of executive and management level positions
at companies such as Bertelsmann AG, EMI Records Group Inc. And the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
A recognized leader in the industry, she has received several prestigious awards, including Information Week’s
1998 Chief of the Year award for her numerous accomplishments at E*Trade. Ms. Chrapaty was also named
on the Top 100 Leaders for the Next Millennium by CIO Magazine.
She holds an MBA from New York University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Temple
Confidential and Proprietary
Amund Tveit, Chief Architect
Amund works as chief architect (big data and analytics) on the Declara Platform for Pierson Labs. Previously he cofounded Atbrox – a big data and search services company. Amund previously worked as a software engineer and later
as a tech lead/manager for Google, developing cluster software and production monitoring software, measuring and
improving regional search and the quality of Google Maps and launching Google News for iPhone. Other experience:
telecom (IBM), insurance and co-founder of Agentus in 2000 (predictive caching and real-time web analytics). PhD CS,
Coder (C++/Python/Objective C), Hadoop.
Thomas Brox Røst, Data Architect
Thomas Brox Røst co-founded Atbrox, a company specializing in Big Data applications and cloud computing. While
completing his Masters thesis in Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2000, he
co-founded and managed Agentus, which developed predictive caching and real-time data analytics services. He has
made a living as an entrepreneur ever since, only interrupted by stints as a research scientist in Norway and Boston,
MA. Thomas specializes in large-scale applications of natural language processing and information extraction and has
published scientific papers on related topics. In his spare time he hacks on the Eventseer academic event search engine
(http://eventseer.net) and also serves on the board of other start-up companies. Thomas is an engineer and a tinkerer
at heart. His primary professional passion is to make things happen.
Kelly Chu, Chief Mobile and UIX Architect
Kelly is the founder and CTO of ISBX and a pioneer in cross-platform mobile app software development with 12 years
experience in creating consumer web and mobile apps. In 2003, Kelly co-founded Intelliminds, an online marketing
agency with both domestic and overseas operations. Intelliminds provided online marketing and advertising services for
clients such as UFC, TV Guide, American Idol, GlaxoSmithKline, Napster, Carls Jr., Sony Ericsson, CBS, and Cartoon
Network. In 2005 Kelly joined BIG Interactive as the Chief Technology Officer. Kelly has lead cutting edge mobile
marketing campaigns for clients such as FOX/FX Networks, Morgans Hotel Group, American Honda Motors, and
Anheuser-Busch winning industry awards for unique mobile marketing campaigns.
Confidential and Proprietary
Thomas Squeo, Chief Information Officer
Thomas is a results-oriented, Agile technology executive focused on enterprise and customer empowerment
and innovation. His contributions to both education and human capital management benefit from a grounded
vision of enterprise, consumer technologies, and creative employment. He’s a dynamic thought leader and
innovator with deep experience including serving as CIO at Measured Progress (high stakes assessment), VP
of Strategy for Roundbox Global (Education Technology) and VP of Strategy Consulting (Human Capital
Development for Idhasoft, focused on enterprise and education solutions.
Lois Schonberger, Chief of Staff
Lois has acted as Lead Product Developer for hardware and software companies, ranging from financial
services, NGO management and wireless networking management solutions at Meraki. As Founder and
CEO of Solar Network Solutions she developed and implemented data management solutions for the solar
industry. As product developer at Meraki Inc. she worked on the early teams developing industry leading
software to manage extremely large enterprise wireless networks. As Director of Operations for Structural
Wealth Management she built portfolio management and financial analysis algorithms for ultra high net worth
Julz Chavez, Head of Creative Development
Julz has been providing thought leadership and design solutions in the creation and development of product
and brand development for more than 20 years. Julz has created and developed various intellectual
properties and brands for companies such as Imagine Entertainment, Mattel, Hasbro and Sega to mention a
Confidential and Proprietary

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