SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics: Subanar

SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics
Prof. Subanar, Ph.D.
Address : Jl. Kaliurang km 6, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Email : [email protected]
Mission of the Centre
To provide quality professional mathematics
education leadership and services for
teachers and education personnel in SEAMEO
Member Countries
Major Programmes:
1. Regular Course
Four regular courses are conducted at SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics annually to serve
mathematics teachers and education personnel from SEAMEO Member Countries.
2. In-country Training
A sharing budget training between the Centre and another party (one of districts in Indonesia
and/or SEAMEO Member Countries). Every year the Centre conduct four In-country Training.
3. Customized Training
This course is to accommodate the special needs of SEAMEO member Countries and other
agencies which are not adequately addressed in the regular courses or In-country Training. This
course may be held in-country or at SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics.
List of the courses :
Teacher-made Teaching Aids
Joyful Mathematics Learning
Differentiated Instructions
Utilization and Development IT-based Mathematics Learning
Clinical Supervision
Lesson Study in Mathematics Education
Southeast Asia Mathematics Realistic Education (SEA RME)
Major Programmes:
Research and Development
1. Policy Research
• Curriculum Content Analysis (CCA)
Focuses on Southeast Asian mathematics curriculum contents which explored data on
mathematical content knowledge, contents delivery system, and assessment policy and
practices on mathematics learning.
• Sustaining Lesson Study
Aims to study the impact of the Course on Developing Lesson Study in improving the
participants’ competencies including how they implement and disseminate the knowledge
they gained for their teaching practice and professional development.
2. Classroom-based Research (Research on Disaster Risk Reduction [DRR])
The Centre’s commitment to develop e-textbooks on mathematics for disaster emergency
3. Mathematics Regional Wide Assessment (MaRWA)
Aims to gather the relevant data on Year 5 and Year 8 students’ readiness in learning
mathematics in SEAMEO Member Countries. It is hoped that through the MaRWA project the
Centre will be able to provide relevant training for mathematics teachers in the region.
Major Programmes:
Community Outreach
In-country Training becomes the major
programme of the Centre to disseminate
knowledge on mathematics teaching and
learning for outreach teachers and education
personnel in the region.
Significant Accomplishments
1. Providing training for around 1,000 mathematics teachers
and education personnel within and beyond the region.
2. Developing mathematics items bank for students grade 5
and 8 through MaRWA project to measures student
readiness in learning mathematics. Try out has been done
and the Centre is now embarking for region wide
assessment in SEAMEO Member Countries.
3. Developing e-textbooks on mathematics for disaster
emergency preparedness. The e-textbooks will utilize
mathematical modeling of the disaster process and impact so
that students can learn both mathematics and the nature of
the disaster.
Vision for the Future
To be a centre of professional leadership in the
area of mathematics education for teachers and
education personnel within the framework of
sustainability in Southeast Asia
The vision includes some international visibilities
(especially for strengthening cooperation with Japan):
1. Extend network and collaboration with the University of
Tsukuba in APEC Conference.
2. Establish effective formal communication between the
Centre and mathematics experts from Japan.

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