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World Map
Gobi Desert
Arabian Desert
Sahara Desert
World Map (Sahara Desert)
Algeria, Chad,
Egypt, Eritrea,
Libya, Mali,
Morocco, Niger,
Sudan, Tunisia,
Western Sahara
Sahara desert
● Temperature: above 30 degrees in summer,13 degrees in winter
● Northeasterly winds can reach hurricane levels,creating sand storms and dust
● Half of the desert receives less than an inch of rain,while the other half receives 4
inches of rain
● The infrequent rain is usually torrential.
Sahara desert climate graph
Pictures of Sahara Desert
Fun Fact: The highest peak in the Sahara is the volcano
Emi Koussi (3415 metres) in the Northern Chad.
World Map (Arabian Desert)
Countries: Jordan, Iraq,
Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, United Arab
Emirates, Yemen
Arabian desert
● Tropical desert
● Temperature: 54 degrees during summer, -12 degrees in winter
● There is high humidity during summer
● Rainfall ranges from 0-20 inches, though the average rainfall is 4 inches
● The rain is infrequent and may be torrential
● There is snow a layer on ice on ponds during winter
Arabian desert climate graph
Arabian Desert Pictures and Fact
Fun Fact: The Arabian Desert is the second largest hot desert in the
world, but it is almost 1/3 the size of the Sahara.
World Map (Gobi Desert)
Mongolia, China
Gobi desert
● Temperature: 50 degrees in summer,-40 degrees in winter
● Temperature can change up to 15 degrees in just 24hs
● Average of 7.6 inches of rainfall per year
● Up to 5000 feet above sea level at some areas
● Northerly position on the globe
● Occasional snow on the top of dunes
● High winds resulting in sandstorms and snowstorms
Gobi Desert Climate Graph
Gobi Desert Pictures and Fact
Fun Fact: The first fossils of dinosaur eggs were found in the Gobi Desert.

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