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Teen Literacy
Omaha Public Schools
Department of Curriculum and Learning
Office of English as a Second Language
What is the Teen Literacy Center (TLC)?
• A unique program designed to target the academic, social, and
emotional needs of English Language Learners, ages 13-21 with
interrupted or limited formal schooling.
• Equips students with academic and life skills needed to be
successful in future educational and vocational settings.
• Primary goal is to assist students in acquiring a 3rd-4th grade level
in Reading and Math so they can return to their high school of
Pilars of Success
• Small class environment
• Balanced literacy instruction, including Guided Reading
• Content area literacy instruction (Math, Social Studies, and
• Take-Home Book Program
• Highly-trained English as a Second Language instructors
Program Eligibility Guidelines
• OPS considers each student referral on a case by case basis
• Student demonstrates limited English proficiency. (ELL student)
• Student reads/writes below a 2nd grade level in his/her native
• Student has experienced limited or interrupted formal schooling in
his/her native country.
• Student is experiencing little to no academic progress at his/her home
• Student is eligible for OPS transportation or can provide his/her own
transportation to the TLC. (special city bus training exceptions)
Typical TLC Student Profile
• A student with limited or interrupted formal schooling....
– Refugee student who did not have the opportunity to attend school
– Refugee student who attended school BUT schooling was interrupted,
substandard, or shortened
– Student who lived in a rural town with limited educational opportunities
– Student who went to school inconsistently due to family obligations
– Student who was forced to work due to economic constraints; schooling
was stopped
How Long does a Student Stay at
the Teen Literacy Center?
• A student typically spends 1-3 years in the program
• The TLC’s goal is to successfully transition a student to one of the
– ABE or GED
– High School
– Work Experience
How does someone make a referral
to TLC?
If you suspect an ELL student age 13-21 may qualify for the Teen
Literacy Center please call:
Dawn Mathis at:
Gulnora Isavea at:
Three TLC Locations
Middle School Locations
• Beveridge Magnet Middle School
• Lewis and Clark Middle School
High School
• Career Center
TLC Referral Process
• Step 1: Obtain English LAS scores
• Step 2: Obtain a native writing sample; determine reading level
in native language
• Step 3: Administer a basic Math test
• Step 4: Administer a Reading Running Record (English)
• Step 5: Conduct ESL Parent Information Survey
• Step 6: Dawn Mathis or Gulnora Isaeva reviews student
information and data
• Step 7: SAT is scheduled; recommendations are made
Thank you for your
Dawn Mathis
Omaha Public Schools
ESL Lead Teacher
TAC Building, 4th Floor

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