Sarah Bobko, Instructor

Sarah Bobko, Instructor
Sarah’s background is primarily in English literature. She received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Language
and Literature from Western University, her Master of Arts in English (Text/Community/Discourse) with a
specialization in Postcolonial Literature from Brock University, and her Bachelor of Education in English and
Civics/Politics from the University of Toronto.
Currently, Sarah is completing her Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CERTESL) through the
University of Saskatchewan. To date, Sarah has taught various communication, English as a Second Language, and
English literature and language courses. No matter what class she is teaching, however, Sarah encourages her
students to see language through the discerning eyes of Angela Carter. Carter believed that, “Language is power, life,
. . . the instrument of culture, . . . .domination, and liberation.”
Communication and Presentation Skills (SAIT)
Business Communications I and II (SAIT)
Literature Composition II (SAIT)
ESL Level 4 Reading
ESL Level 5 Writing
ESL Level 5 Grammar
Language and Communication
Writing Strategies
Literature in English: Tradition and Innovation
Power and politics in educational practice
Equitable and inclusive education
Curriculum development
Student engagement
Literacy and culture
Global citizenship
Hybrid identities of diasporic and displaced individuals/communities
Trauma theory and historical violence
Voice, power, and agency
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