Oak View Middle School
Reading attitude is part of the development
of lifelong reading skills
Success of reading instruction is affected by
the reader’s attitude
Research evidence has linked reading attitude
with student ability
Poor readers have a more negative view of
reading than better readers.
 “Reading attitudes and instructional methodology: how might
achievement become affected?” Reading Improvement. Article date:
June 22, 2006. Author: Roberts, Michael S. and Janell D. Wilson.
Student surveys
◦ Adapted use of the ERAS (Elementary Reading
Attitude Survey)
◦ General survey of student Nook use (how many
books, how often read, books tried, requests)
Teacher feedback
◦ Teacher survey/ feedback form
◦ Teachers respond to student academic, emotional,
and behavioral response to Nook use.
Size of a trade paperback
E ink technology
Easy to download new books
Purchase 1 book, loads on 6 Nooks
Adjust size of text
Cost has gone down.
Not in color
More concerned as a take home device
Students surveyed using the Nook :
◦ From Special Ed, ESL, Reading strategy classes, ILA
◦ 7 boys, 1 girl
◦ Examples of books read: Among the Hidden, Lawn
boy, Dude, where’s my spaceship?, Magic Tree
house books, Hunger games, I’d tell you I love you
but then I’d have to kill you, Lightning thief.
◦ Did Independent reading – 20-25 min/day
◦ Felt comfortable with the Nook
How do you feel reading the Nook in School?
◦ 2-like very much, 3-like, 3-ok
Feel about reading during school?
◦ 1- like, 6-ok, 1 dislike
Feel about trying new books out on the Nook?
◦ Liked-5, didn’t try any- 3
Feel reading is easier with the Nook?
◦ Easier – 3, The same - 5
Tried out other features on the Nook?
◦ Yes- 6, no-2
Other books you’d like to see?
◦ Suggested 2 or more- 3, 1 book- 3, no ideas- 2
How do you feel about the Nook?
◦ Like very much- 5, like - 3
Positive Nook features :
Lower level readers not intimidated
Motivation greater using electronic device
Fewer pages per book
Multiple books available, ‘at students fingertips’.
Student response
◦ For the user – ‘overwhelmingly good’, ‘proud to use
◦ For others – Ok to bring in their own reader, most
want to try it.
eReaders for all?
◦ ESL and Sped said yes –Students would like the
option of many books w/ varying difficulties
◦ 6th and 7th said no, but as an option. ‘Students like
the experience of going to the library regularly to
see what’s new.’
Personal experience
◦ No one had an eReader, all tried it out.
◦ ‘Surprised to realize that I liked it’, ‘As an option
it’s good.’
Did the Nook change the ‘emotional
response’ to reading, especially if it’s
Did the Nook motivate students to continue
reading/ try new books?
Will the ‘cool’ factor in reading continue as
others have the devices?
Will students read more if their attitude to
reading changes?
Nook provides an option for struggling
Nook needs a variety of leveled books for
these readers
All readers were comfortable (liked) using the
Nook seemed to improve their attitude
toward reading in school
Nook readers tried out books they may not

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