Public Scoping Meeting Presentation

Gary King, P.E., Engineering Manager
Todd Jordan, P.E., Project Engineer
Meeting Agenda
1. Meeting Purpose
2. Project Overview
3. California Environmental
Quality Act (CEQA)
Impact Report (EIR) Scoping
1. Meeting Purpose
 CEQA public disclosure
 1st Step = Notice of
Preparation (NOP)
 Goal: seek public
agency and
stakeholder input on
scope of the
Impact Report
2. Project Overview
 Background
 Purpose and
 Nevada Irrigation
District (NID) Service
 Proposed Project
 Components
 Parker Dam is not
part of this project
Project Background
 2003 – 2005 Siting Study
 2008 – 2012 Planning and
Predesign, including
Environmental Constraints
Project Purpose & Objectives
 Project Purpose
 Provide treated water to the portion of the City of Lincoln which is
within the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) boundary using NID
water on NID lands.
 Primary Objectives
 Supply potable water.
 Provide raw water storage for unexpected fluctuation, variations in
water quality, and water supply emergencies.
 Provide potable water storage to accommodate anticipated diurnal
demand fluctuations, fire protection, and emergencies.
 Construct potable water facilities that meet or exceed California
Department of Public Health (CDPH) drinking water standards.
 Increase operational flexibility, redundancy, capacity and reliability.
 Increase the reliability of the City’s treated water supply.
NID Service Area
NID Service Area In Placer County
Project Overview
Proposed Linear Infrastructure
Project Overview
Proposed Water Treatment Plant
Project Overview
Proposed Raw Water Storage Reservoir
California Environmental Quality
 Overview
 Process
 Schedule
 Public Noticing
 Notice of
CEQA Overview
CEQA is triggered by Discretionary Action of
Public Agency (i.e. RWSP is subject to
Approval by NID Board)
 Lead Agency = Nevada Irrigation District
 Some of the Responsible Agencies are:
City of Lincoln, Placer County, California
Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Air
Resources Board, Regional Water Quality Control
Board, Placer County, City of Lincoln and among
many others.
CEQA Process
Public Participation is Encouraged (3 key Public
Review Periods)
 Notice of Preparation = 30 day public review period –
August 15-September 19, 2014.
All written comments must be received by September 19, 2014
at 5pm.
 Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) = 45 day
public review period and public hearing – Estimated to
be June-July, 2015
 Final EIR = 10 day public review period and public
hearing – Estimated to be October, 2015
Public Noticing
CEQA Requires one of the
following for Public
 Publish,
 Post,
 Direct Mailing
CEQA Guidelines §15087
NID completed all three for
this Notice of Preparation
 Published –
 3 journals
 NID website
 Posted Notices at:
 Nevada Irrigation District Offices
 Nevada County Clerk
 Placer County Clerk
 Lincoln City Hall Nevada County Library
(both locations)
 Placer County Library (Auburn)
 City of Lincoln Library (Lincoln)
 Direct Mailing to:
 380 stakeholders
Notice of Preparation (NOP)
EIR Scoping
 The purpose of scoping is to help ensure comprehensive and
focused EIR with a firm basis for the decision-making process.
 NOP determine focus and content of EIR
 Range of actions, alternatives, environmental effects, and mitigation
 Allows elimination of issues if not pertinent to the final
 Bring together and address:
 public concerns
 affected agencies,
 other interested parties.
 Public/Agency ID of Significant issues
EIR Scope
To Include Assessments of:
 Aesthetic and Visual Resources; 
 Agriculture;
 Air Quality;
 Biological Aquatic and Fisheries
 Biological Terrestrial Resources; 
 Cultural Resources;
 Geology and Soils;
 Greenhouse Gas Emissions;
Hazardous Waste and
Hydrology and Water Quality;
Land Use;
Population and Housing;
Public Services and Utilities;
Recreation; and
Transportation and Traffic.
Selection of Alternatives
 CEQA Guidelines §15126.6 -- Alternatives
 Feasibly meet basic objectives of project
 Avoid/substantially lessen significant effects
 “Rule of Reason”
 Consider:
site suitability, economic viability, availability of
infrastructure, General Plan consistency, etc.
Potential Project Alternatives
 Alternatives under consideration:
 Alternatives w/in the Project
 Alternative Pipeline Alignments
 Alternate Raw Water Reservoir Site
 Alternate WTP Site
 Alternatives to the Project
No Project or Project Denial
PCWA/Ophir Alternative
Bear River Pump Station
Alternatives within the Project
PCWA/Ophir Alternative
Bear River Pump Station Alternative
Comments and Questions?
Comments and Inputs Welcome
 To capture the intent and purpose of your comments
please complete a comment card or write NID at:
Lisa Francis Tassone,
Board Secretary Nevada Irrigation District,
1036 West Main Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945
E-mail: [email protected]
 Project website:
 NID website:
Project Components
Raw Water Pipeline
Hydropower Site (typ)
Cross River Penstock
Big Hill Reservoir
Valley View WTP Site
Backup Water Supply
Treated Water Pipeline
Metering Station
Treated Water Demand

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