CiviTek Background - Florida Clerks` Association

Kenneth A. Kent, Executive Director
Hon. Ray Norman (Bradford), CiviTek, Chair
CiviTek Background
CiviTek is a wholly owned subsidiary of FCCC and was
established to provide enterprise services and project
management services, including information technology,
to the Clerks, in order to meet legislative directives and
serve the public in the most efficient manner.
CiviTek is managed by a seven-member board of Clerks,
elected each year by their peers.
The CiviTek model is similar to those in use by other local
government associations in Florida.
Revenues in excess of current expenditures are reinvested
into project enhancements and used as reserves for
contingencies and future projects.
CiviTek Background
Established in 1991, the Services Group’s goal is to
develop programs that benefit Florida’s Clerks of Court
and Comptrollers and state agencies in gathering Clerk
data to better service Florida’s citizens.
The objective of these programs is to provide high-value
services at economic prices, in order for Clerks and state
agencies to maximize the use of scarce public resources.
The consortium approach became FCCC’s primary way of
assisting Clerks to implement new technology; to provide
standardized, statewide services; and to establish secure,
highly reliable processes for mission critical functions.
CiviTek Background
Examples of the Services Group’s efforts include:
1992 – Assisted in opening the Florida Counties Investment Trust (Florida
Trust), which provides Clerks, counties and other governmental entities with
an option for investing funds in a safe, conservative local government
investment pool.
1994 – Completed the Clerks of Court Local Entity Repository Collection
System (CLERC), which is part of the State of Florida Child Support
Enforcement Program ,pursuant to s. 61.1826 (2),(3),(4), F.S.
1998 – Completed the Uniform Traffic Citation Accounting Transmission
System (TCATS), which is used by the Department of Highway Safety and
Motor Vehicles, pursuant to s. 318.18(8)(a), F.S.
CiviTek Background
Examples of the Services Group’s efforts include:
1999 – Completed the development of the federally required Florida State
Disbursement Unit for the collection and disbursement of child support
payments, pursuant to s. 61.181 (2)(b)1, F.S.
2005 – Completed the Comprehensive Case Information System (CCIS),
which is used by law enforcement, the Judiciary, State Attorneys, Public
Defenders and other governmental agencies to electronically access court
records maintained by the Clerks of Court, pursuant to s. 28.24(12)(e)1, F.
2011 – Completed the ePortal, which is currently in deployment for
electronic filing with civil and criminal courts.
FCCC Funding Sources
(3 Members)
CSE Other
The Florida Trust
For 20 years, the Florida Local Government Investment Trust
(Florida Trust) has provided local governments with a trusted and
reliable investment option.
The Florida Trust is a joint venture between the Florida
Association of Counties (FAC) and FCCC.
The Florida Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, composed
of three Clerks of Court, appointed by FCCC, and three County
Commissioners, appointed by FAC.
The Florida Trust is the longest running member‐owned,
member‐governed local government investment pool in the state,
and has an outstanding track record for safety and performance
since it opened on January 15, 1992.
The Florida Trust

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