Tk20 for University Supervisors

Tk20 for University Supervisors
Andy Oswald
Coordinator for Accountability and Accreditation
& Tk20 Administrator
[email protected] 936-294-4891
Teacher Education Center 274 A
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 What will I be using Tk20 for this semester?
 How do I log on?
 Where are the Field Experience forms I will fill out?
 How are the forms filled out and submitted?
 What if I need help?
 What forms will the Mentor Teachers fill out?
 What forms will the Focused Content Observer fill out?
 What if a Mentor Teacher needs help?
 Some Field Experience data we have collected.
 Questions.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 University Supervisors will evaluate each student teacher in a Tk20
“Field Experience Binder” which includes:
 Five Form A’s. Form A is based on the Texas PDAS.
 The fifth one will likely go unused, more on this in a moment.
 One Form D. Form D is Dispositions, PPR and Technology Standards.
 We will look the Form A and Form D and go over details.
 Evaluation of Mentor Teacher. This was previously done on Sam Web.
 This is under development and will be more comprehensive than what
was done previously.
 Later in the semester we will send out instructions.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 The Field Experience Binder will vary by student; its contents will
depend on:
 Number of placements - One or Two
 Certification Area - student teachers in Math, Foreign Languages or Social
Studies will have a new additional assessment called a Focused Content
 As an example, Mary is student teaching this semester with two math
placements. Her evaluations will include:
 Four Form A’s (University Supervisor)
 Three Form D’s (University Supervisor and one each from her Mentor Teachers)
 One math FCE (Focused Content Observer)
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 How do I log on?
 First you need to get to the correct web page:
 The shortcut is
 Or, from the SHSU home page, go to the College of Education page, and
then click ‘Students’ at the top. The Tk20 link is on the student page.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 How do I log on?
 University Supervisors, like all faculty, will use the same credentials as
SHSU Email. Your password is case sensitive!
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 How do I log on?
 Successfully logging in will result in a screen that greets you by name!
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 All of the Form A and Form D activities for University Supervisors
will be on the Field Experiences tab.
 Click on this tab!
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 Now, click on the Field Experiences Assessments link on the left.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 Each student will be listed along with the Field Experience Binder
name. Click the name of the Field Experience Binder next to the
student’s name you wish to assess.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 The list of assessments will be in
the right hand window. The
assessments do not always appear in
order, so make sure you click on
the correct assessment.
 The first assessment you will do is
Student Teaching PDAS Form A:
Evaluation 1 (Observational
Summary). Click on the name of
the assessment to begin.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 You can move the divider between the left and right windows by
positioning you mouse between the windows then clicking and
dragging. This will make it easier to view the right window.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 In the General Information portion you will enter
 The Student Teacher’s Name
 Your Name
 School District and Campus / School Name
 The Mentor Teacher’s Name
 Assignment – the “subject”
 Date of the evaluation MM/DD/YYYY
 Class Grade Level
 Do not click the Calculate Scores button here.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 For Domains I-IV, Click the radio buttons to evaluate the student. Do
not enter anything in the Score or Total Score boxes.
 At the bottom of each domain, you should click the “Calculate Scores”
button which will fill in the Scores.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 Remember! Tk20 is a web-based software product with a built in
time-out function (30 minutes). This can become an issue when doing
your evaluations.
You can click Save at the bottom and return to this evaluation later if
you run short of time or wish to finish at another time.
Do not click Cancel unless you want all answers from this session
deleted (since last save).
You may enter a letter or numeric grade in the Grade field.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 Each student will have 3 observational summary Form A evaluations
followed by a summative appraisal Form A evaluation. Only if needed,
an additional (fifth) Form A may be used for an appraisal. Beginning in
Spring 2010, University Supervisors should request this 5th PDAS
through Andy Oswald.
 You will also evaluate your Student Teacher with a single Form D –
Dispositions, PPR, Technology Standards. When you are ready to use
this form, click on it.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 Form D begins with definitions followed by a General Information
section as in Form A. Make sure you choose the US role as
Cooperating Mentor Teachers and others may use this same form.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 The Form D Rubrics come next. Use the radio buttons and enter
comments for:
 SHSU Dispositions Standards
 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility Standards
 Technology Standards
 Click the Calculate Scores button at the very bottom.
 You may enter a letter grade or numeric grade in the Grade field.
 Click Save.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 What if I need help with Tk20?
 No students? Wrong students?
 Contact Andy Oswald
 [email protected]
 936-294-4891
 TEC 274A
 Either Andy or an assistant will be happy to work with you to resolve any
problems you have with Tk20.
 All other Student Teaching issues should be resolved with the Office of
Field Experiences.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
 What if a Mentor Teacher or Focused Content Observer needs
 Any user can contact Andy directly if they choose to. If a Mentor Teacher
contacts you for assistance with Tk20, you may either send them to me, or
forward their questions to me and I will reply to all.
 Andy or OFE will provide University Supervisors a list of their Mentor
Teachers, usernames and passwords.
Tk20 for University Supervisors
Any Tk20 Questions?
Andy Oswald
[email protected]
TEC 274 A

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