Internship and Graduate Applications Workshop 2013

Internship and Graduate Applications Workshop 2013
• Outline of Session
– CV
– Cover Letter
– Aptitude Tests
– Competencies
• Interview Process
• Questions
What is a Summer Internship?
• A 10 week interview by both parts
• A great opportunity to sample the lifestyle of a
career in the City
• Open to all degree disciplines
• Penultimate year students as well as recent
• Rotation vs. placements
Barclays Capital
31st December
15th November
Morgan Stanley
1st December
Bank of America
Merrill Lynch
12th December
Goldman Sachs
1st December
J.P. Morgan
8th December
10th November
31st January
15th November
29th December
10th November
Credit Suisse
11th December
17th November
27th December
12th January
1st December
Deutsche Bank
30th December
17th November
26th January
24th November
BNP Paribas
31st December
30th November
CV Structure
Work Experience
Positions of Responsibilities
Skills and Interests
• One Page (Two max). Don’t lie. Be relevant.
Work Experience
Positions of Responsibility
Skills and Interests
Cover Letter
• Purpose
• Core Structure
– Intro
– Why Division & Program
– Why Bank
– Why You
Check if letter has specific addressee – otherwise
‘Dear Sir/Madam’
• Supplement CV as an explanatory tool
• Opportunity to express:
– Personality
– Motivation
– Written Clarity
• Stand out – CVs are quite generic
• More important when competency questions
are not required
Core Structure
• Introduction
– Clearly state what you are applying for
Core Structure
• Why Program
– What made you apply
– Why do you want a place
– What do you think you will gain from it
Core Structure
• Why Area
– Some programs area specific
– You may already have some preference
Core Structure
• Why bank
– Knowledge, Research, Understanding
– PUNCHY, not generic
– Do not regurgitate website
Core Structure
• Why You
– Highlight key skills which you can offer
– Demonstrate them through 3 to 4 examples
• Skill Base:
Numerical, Analytical, Communicational, Evaluative, Leadership,
Enthusiasm for Finance (DUIFG!), Team Work, Stamina, Drive,
Project Based Work, Linguistic Ability, Organisational, Intrigue,
Ability to Synthesize Information, Determination, Attention to
Detail, Pure Academics, etc.
• Stand Out: Do not be generic…Think of interesting
Core Structure
General – Tips and Hints
• Spelling and Grammar
• The company name e.g. J.P. Morgan not
Jpmorgan, JPM or J P Morgan
• Be careful when copying and pasting
• Make every word count
• The applications can lead to
– £10,000 internship
– £45,000 graduate offer
• Be concise
• Stay in touch with us
Aptitude Tests
• Verbal Reasoning Test
• Numerical Test
– Ratios, percentage calculations, exchange rates,
inflation and proportion
• A standard part of the first stage screening
process along with the CV, Cover Letter, and
Competency Based questions already
Verbal Reasoning Example 1
Verbal Reasoning Example 2
Numerical Example 1
Answer to Numerical Example 1
Numerical Example 2
Answer to Numerical Example 2
Reasoning Tests – Hints and Tips
• Make sure you will not be interrupted during
the test
• Don’t ponder too long on any question, make
an educated guess and move on
• True/False given information / Cannot say
without more info, don’t try to infer
• Read broad sheet newspapers, reports and
business journals
Numerical Tests – Hints and Tips
Be careful with units
Calculator, rough paper
Don’t spend too long on one questions if you are stuck
Aim for roughly 1 minute per question
Read financial reports in newspapers, studying tables
of data and practicing your mental arithmetic
• Practice at:
Competencies i
Competencies ii
Competencies iii
Competencies Example 1
Competencies Example 2
Telephone Interview
• Usually 30 minutes
• Every interviewer is a business representative –
not HR
• Mixture of competency and technical knowledge
• Keep CV, Cover Letter, and basic notes in front of
• Speak slowly, clearly and concisely
• Don’t be afraid to pause
• Smile!
Telephone Interview
Answers to competencies
Why the firm
Why the division
Why you
Recent financial news
Market overview
– Exchange rates
– Oil & Gold prices
– Inflation rate
• A stock / live deal you are interested in
Assessment Centre
• Usually ½ or 1 day long
• The whole day is assessed, including lunch
• Generally consist of:
– Repeat Numerical Testing
– Group Exercise
– Individual Presentation
– One to One Interviews

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