Overview (PowerPoint)

October 2014
Purdue University’s Bravo Award Program serves to
highlight the excellence that exists in all areas and job
functions across the University.
The Bravo Award Program is an after-the-fact discretionary
award program designed to provide recognition for
substantial accomplishments achieved by employees that
extend well beyond regular work responsibilities.
Award Criteria
Bravo Awards can be provided to eligible individuals, teams,
or work groups who make significant one-time contributions
to the University's or the work unit's mission or goals. Bravo
Awards are not a means of providing additional pay for
performing normal duties and responsibilities, as described in
the participants’ position description, nor are they meant to be
a replacement or substitute for a merit, promotion or equity
Award Categories
o Moving the University Forward
Accomplishments or contributions that transform or advance
University objectives (i.e. initiatives that improve graduation rates,
developing programs to measure student academic knowledge,
enhancing the academic excellence of the University, improving
student affordability, etc.).
o Operational Excellence
Extraordinary effort during times of critical department need (e.g.,
contribution that clearly and significantly impacts the accomplishment
of important and critical business operational goals and deliverables).
Award Categories
o Innovation/Creativity
Innovative work or suggestions, well beyond standard job
requirements, that significantly improve operational efficiencies,
introduce a new or modified business practice or improve work
process, workflow or customer service.
o Fiscal Stewardship
Significant cost saving or cost avoidance realized beyond normally
expected or established standards.
A faculty / staff member must:
o Have completed at least three months of service;
o Have no outstanding disciplinary actions;
o Be in “active” employment status at the time the Bravo Award is
paid out.
The following classifications are not eligible to participate in the Bravo
Award Program:
o Executive Officers
o Upper-level Management Positions (i.e., Department Heads, Associate/Assistant
Vice Presidents, Associate/Assistant Provosts and Directors who report to a Vice
o Student Employees
o Graduate Staff
o Temporary Staff
o Visiting Faculty
o Limited Term Lecturers
o Postdoctoral, Resident, or Intern appointments
o Employees who have a specific employment contract with the University that links
additional compensation to their performance.
Program Funding
The Bravo Award Program is supported by unit/departmental operating
funds. The maximum dollar amount that can be awarded over the year is
determined as follows:
Total CUL x 7.5% x $1,000 (maximum award amount) = maximum fiscal
year limit
Award Amounts/Payment
o Bravo Awards are intended to recognize and reward excellence in
University service, significant achievements and contributions, and
outstanding individual and team performance. Each unit will have the
flexibility to allow for recognition in ways that are meaningful, fair,
and clearly distinguish levels of performance within the specific work
o The award amounts are $500, $750 or $1,000.
o A faculty/staff member may not be rewarded twice for the same
o Individual faculty and staff are limited to two (2) Bravo Awards per
fiscal year.
o Awards will be processed with the regular payroll and are subject to
applicable tax withholdings and W-2 reporting.
o Bravo Awards will not be used in calculating any applicable benefits (i.e.,
retirement, health, life insurance, disability, etc.).
o Bravo Awards are a one-time discretionary cash award and are not added to
the base pay of the individual, or, if applicable, credited toward overtime
o All award earnings are considered taxable income in the year in which they are
paid. Appropriate federal and state income taxes will be withheld at the rates
in effect at the time of the payout.
o The Bravo Award Program is not an entitlement. Bravo Awards are made
based on extraordinary performance and the availability of funds. The amount
of any Bravo Award is determined at the sole discretion of the University.
Such determinations will not be eligible for grievance under any of the
University’s formal grievance processes for faculty or staff.
Bravo Award Program
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