National External Diploma Program

NEDP Online System:
New Developments, Features and Capabilities
National External Diploma Program Council Conference
October 2012
Providence, RI
Session Agenda
• NEDP Status and Developments
– Soft launch rollouts
– System features
– Assessment development
• Online Demonstration
– Client interface
– Assessor interface
– Reporting function
Soft Launch Approach
• The release of a product or service to a limited audience
• A method for gathering data on a product or service
before making it generally available to a broader
• An approach that allows CASAS to release new NEDP
system incrementally, initially to a limited number of
sites, one competency area at a time
– Clients complete new items in lieu of the old items from the
same or similar competency area
– Successfully demonstrated assessment items are valid for
program completion
Soft Launch Status
• Currently underway
Health Literacy
Civic Literacy and Community Participation
Consumer Awareness and Financial Literacy
Twenty-First Century Workplace
• Starting Fall 2012
– Geography and History
– Science
– Cultural Literacy
• Foundation Competency Areas, integrated throughout
– Communication (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)
– Applied Math/Numeracy
– Information and Communication Technology
Full Launch Plan
• Full Launch will be divided into two phases
– January 2013 implementation or
– July 2013 implementation
• Current NEDP sites can choose the phase they prefer
– Launch selection forms have been sent to agencies
• Sites choosing July 2013 full launch will continue with
“partial launch” phase through June 30th
– Partial launch includes current soft launch area and remaining
print-based Tasks
• New NEDP sites will be trained in new online system
Web-based System Features
• Multiple functionalities
– Client and assessor interfaces
– Feedback reports
– Tracking of client progress through program
• Assessment “sessions” retain responses and feedback
from initial attempt through PTA and PR
• Evaluation “pop-up” boxes will enhance efficiency
– D/ND criteria with additional guidelines
– Checkboxes facilitate precise feedback
– Notes boxes for additional feedback and staff (sticky notes)
• Automated feedback reports
– Demonstrated, Not Demonstrated, Consolidated, your ideas
Assessment Development
• Each NEDP assessment item must be analyzed for
reliability and validity
• Ongoing process begins with soft launch
– Soft launch “n” of 100 per item
– Full validation “n” of 300 per item
• Items require tight relationship of item prompt,
resources, and evaluation criteria
• Revisions are based on data and feedback
– Candidate demographics and Diagnostic results
– Item responses, assessor evaluation, number of attempts
– Time to complete (many items start big and are pared down)
The Importance of Feedback!
CASAS reviews all feedback from clients and assessors
Online feedback tabs and written reflection
Assessor email
Feedback topics
– Evaluation criteria, guidelines
– Resources (former Appendix)
– Item clarity
• Please be specific!
• Web-based system facilitates timely revisions
NEDP Contact Information
• Jim Harrison, Director, National External Diploma Program
[email protected] / ext. 191
• Melissa Dayton, NEDP Coordinator
[email protected] / ext. 181
• Christine O’Hara, NEDP Operations
[email protected] / ext. 135
• Celanire Flagg, NEDP Operations
[email protected] / ext. 108
Online Demo
NEDP Online Assessment Walk-through Guide,
download at

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